Suggestion for New PvP Guild Challenge

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Suggestion for New PvP Guild Challenge

Challenge other Guild
- 6 players vs 6 players
- Select the room (room is by level of player).
below some examples :
Room A : Players between level 10-11
Room B : players between level 11-12
Room C : players between level 21-22
Room D : players between 17-20
Room E : players between 1-15
Room F : Free
and so on...
The criteria of each Room is fixed by developper.

- After the leader of the team choose the room, 5 of his team mate could joined.
then Captain validate and your server ramdom choose team that joined the Room.

- Could have various missions, below some suggestions :
Arena (Kill all ennemy)
Capture Flag
Exploration (exploring the map to find crates that containts loots. Loots should be attractive to incitate players to play)

- Each Missions have a limited time : for example 30 min for Arena and Capture Flag.
- Each time a player is killed, he respam random in the map or at his base.
- Capture Flag : The winner is the guild that capture the most Flag at the end of the timer.
- Arena : The winner is the guild that kill the most ennemy at the end of the timer
- Exploration :
- Find Crates that contain loots.
- Can Kill other players
- Once killed, player not respam.
- End after 30 min
- Guild win what they find
- player can stole the loot that ennemy hold by killing him.
- To secure the loot and avoid ennemy stole it, player should deposit it somewhere on the map.

- Turn System is
1st turn : Guild A, 1st Player
2nd turn : Guild B, 1st Player
3rd turn : Guild A, 2nd Player
4th turn : Guild B, 2nd Player
5th turn : guild A, 3rd player
and so on...

- Each Player have a limited time to move : for example 60s.

- Some players may have issues with connexion lost.
- Advise is avoid playing this PvP if instable connexion
- if connexion is lost, it's like you end your turn. except if the link come in time.

- Make able for other Team mates to see in realtime the Challenge and able to chat with other players.

- The CHAT system should be improve to be able to chat anytime (that mean even during challenge, missions...)

- another suggestion is instead of having 1 survivor for 1 player, each player could be able to control 2 survivors.
- if 6 players : 1 survivor / player
- if 5 players : 4 players control 1 survivor, 1 player control 2 survivors
- if 4 players : 2 players control 1 survivor, 2 player control 2 survivors
- if 3 players : 2 survivors / players

- Could also add ramdom walkers around the MAP for each PvP challenge


Suggestion for CHAT improvement

- Add possibility for players to SEND message to other player in the Guild.
- Add possibility for Rank players to send a Guild message.
- CHAT : do not auto scroll to the recent msg post. When i am reading msg in CHAT room, its really annoying that it auto jump to the begining.
- Make Chat windows always avalaible : in town and also during missions.
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