Weapon Inventory Counter

FreezyFreezy Member Posts: 15
//A simple addition to the weapons screen that should be an easy add for the development team

Now that the weapon inventory has been raised to 300 items(thank you so much for that) it would be very helpful if we had a counter added to the weapons inventory screen. Something that would simply show the number of items we have in inventory. A display similar to survivor counter(i.e 18/19) for items in our inventory(i.e 245/300). This will help us avoid autoscrapping which can be very frustrating for players. It would make us aware of when we need to start manually scrapping items vs losing some items that we may want to hold on to for various reasons.

On a side note......
Thank you for all the new changes in 1.9. Really love the direction you are going with this great game!
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