You want Scout to work? Increase Swift Strike %

Big_GuyBig_Guy Member Posts: 96
Make the Swift Strike weapon ability more viable: Chance for extra hit--> Bronze 50%, Silver 75%, Gold 100%

This would make them the ultimate sneak attackers to take down hiding Human foes, since they all require two hits!

Also, add in armor special ability "Camouflage" as if they spread walker guts on it, with chance to avoid detection by Walkers same percentage as above.
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  • Big_GuyBig_Guy Member Posts: 96
    Without this, Scout cannot OHKO human enemies and becomes a sitting duck with low armor. Useless.
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  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    Less % would suffice since we all have luck.
    And "Camouflage" charge ability - is great idea, I saw it before and think it is totally fits into TWD theme.
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