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I play Compass Point West, another Next Games' Game. When there is a posse challenge, you cannot earn the posse tier train decks without at least doing one mission that adds points to the posse challenge score. Why o why does Next Games not do that in this game? It makes complete sense and can mitigate some hate when members don't contribute but take trade goods throughout the challenges in TWD:NML.

Seems llike a no-brainer to me.
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    just kick them out)
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    We do kick them but wouldn't it be easier to have it written into the game's code? My point was that Next Games writes both Compass Point West and No Man's Land. Compass Point West does not award posse awards until that person has contributed. TWD is a free for all. It was a simple request, doesn't need to get twisted.
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    @Dana Yep, I was talking about it in this post

    What do you think? Any feedback would be appreciated. Also additional suggestions were added as the thread continued.
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    @aaron1 Yeah. I read the thread and while I do play both games, the same issues occur and there will always be leeches. This unfortunately just means that the guild/posse shepherds must be vigilant and boot people when they don't see improvement in contributed points and player level. I just didn't want anyone to have anything unless they contributed something. Which is how it works in Compass Point West.
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    @Dana Or the leaders don't have to be vigilant with what I suggested. They just need to rely on benefits that come after the map expires. To summarize the other thread, instead of direct trade good rewards resulting from guild achievements during a challenge map, there would be a resulting buff that increases personal trade good rewards applied after a challenge map expires which is augmented by how much a player had contributed.

    Give the other thread a shot. I would like to get your feedback on what I proposed.
  • It's clearly a defect in the non contributing member.
    I'm not the exception, and there's certainly others like me just not enough like me.
    If I'm lazy that week, I'll let my guilmates know I'm just being lazy. If real life is the factor then I'll let my guilmates know real life has gotten in the way.
    If if they don't know why I didn't contribute hopefully they'll look back on previous communication and contributions and not judge me on one bad showing.
    As a person everything we do has a ripple effect on others.
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    Developers should never get involved with internal guild issues.

    If you hate the constant drama, micromanagement, motivational speeches, cheerleading, begging, pleading, delegating, recruiting, promoting and kicking that goes along with leading your own guild...

    ... Stop leading your own guild.
    All of these duties are in the job description of a guild leader.

    There are way too many poorly managed guilds as it is.
    Now you want to encourage lazy guild leadership by making the devs do your job for you?

    Sorry, no. Not bleeding likely, Mate.
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