the reason why there are no more deadly missions

"Hey NG, you should remove deadly mission completely" said no-one ever but they did so anyway reducing the already low chances we had at getting that piece of legendary gear we're looking for. Why did they do this? well when i'm greeted with this when i open the game it becomes clear...

Update 1.9, basically instead of fixing the XP economy you'll charge us a daily fee to fix it.. instead of fixing the gas time waiting period you'll charge us a daily fee to fix it :/ and still no fix for the auto-centre bullShit that no-one asked for and everyone hates... great job!
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  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Better luck selling ice cream to an Eskimo
  • lmfgunnutlmfgunnut Member Posts: 1,636
    I like the idea of bundles though. Weapon and armor for super cheap...sell them by the hundreds of thousands. Making the bundle for bruisers...meh.
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  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    Yup, that was exactly my point @lmfgunnut , good luck selling (yet, another) bruiser package to this crowd. Who knows, maybe bruisers are widely popular in the vast majority outside this forum. ;)
  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 363
    Most golden crates in new "undeadly" missions contain lvl 17 green items, supplies or experience. Legendary and epic stuff is really rare now.
  • DangerBDangerB Member Posts: 231
    @DoTak I was reading your post in my Vin Scully voice. Then I reread it in my Bob Uecker voice
  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    Wow I don't remember being offered this bundle. I must find a way to acquire this great power
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    euchid said:

    Most golden crates in new "undeadly" missions contain lvl 17 green items, supplies or experience. Legendary and epic stuff is really rare now.

    That has not been my experience.

  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    Well, I'm happy that @Teeceezy listened to our suggestions about an armor bundle, but I won't be buying this one for reasons 2 and 3 that @DoTak give above.

    But still, thanks for offering something new and I will for sure be a buyer if other amor bundles come up.
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  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    All I get from the ex-deadlies are 16-17 weapons but common, not good
  • Tam8Tam8 Member Posts: 65
    Offer was not shown for me. :-1:
  • JVC_TWDJVC_TWD Member Posts: 496
    Same here. Never seen that offer. I also never seen the XXL radio bundle offer but most of my guild mates got it. I would have definitely bought it but I got offered the small radio bundle instead. What a shame
  • @DoTak @DangerB reading it gets me to thinking of Phil Rizzuto and Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    So they sell legendary gear rather than give it away?
    No thanks, I'll take my chances on the crates!
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  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    You can get any weapon or armor they sell out of the game free with a few exceptions Morgan's staff being one . Or if your like me and impatient you can buy them . The state of Florida sells lottery tickets not a guaranteed winning lottery ticket. You have the choice spend your time playing to find gear or buy it. I get alot of rare gear too but I also get legendary and epic imo that's the by its called legendary if you got what you wanted every good crate you opened wtf would be the point in playing that's jmho
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066 is f***ed up for free players now...

    Will stop playing soon...I just like to see the final maps of mission 13 and then I´m fine :wink:
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