How to get more stars during guild missions?

I play daily sometimes a few times a day and want to know if there is a trick to getting more stars during guild missions?

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  • LovingvampiressLovingvampiress Member Posts: 6
    Thank you. I play until my gas is empty and then play again when full. Have not gotten the unlimited gas yet didn't realize there was one. Lol thank you for the heads up.
  • @Lovingvampiress also with quests giving bonus stars, you can gamble on getting more stars by earning 2 bonus stars and the deleting that quest and hoping for another quest that gives you a chance for 3 more stars. So you can do 2 and gamble which will get you 5 total upon successful completion of the quest. However it's a gamble because the quest you delete after getting 2 stars could be the "complete exploration" quest or similar which doesn't give bonus stars.
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  • AlexCAlexC Member Posts: 34
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    If you know the right strategy, there are some maps which give you the chance to earn loads of extra stars without having to kill any walkers... You need to have the right survivor set up for them of course. Just do some research on the web...
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,512
    @AlexC that's a little vague, can you be more specific?
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  • AmazaynAmazayn Member Posts: 522
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    1.) challenge map (some challenges can be farmed -stars)
    2.) doing quest can get you stars
    3.) traits like stacking dodge/luck
    5.) walkers/ai placement
    6.) 24h gas is mandatory
    7.) do you have enough gold to burn? B)
  • AlexCAlexC Member Posts: 34
    @masmith93 ok, a little more specific, but you'll have to put a little effort to investigate on the strategy yourself o:) .

    1) Interrupt and overwatch is the key to use on some maps
    2) not drawing the walkers to you by using melee weapons is key on some maps
    3) Use walkers as much as you can to keep the saviors busy and do pre-damage
    4) find ways to get to the exit as quick as possible, by using the above

    Maybe that helps a little bit...
  • @AlexC Feel free to join the guild Asylum any time. Oh you already are in a guild? Leave them immediately!
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  • AlexCAlexC Member Posts: 34
    @bgbelden I'm quite happy with my guild, but thanks for the offer! ;)
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