Where have the Gold & Silver rewards gone ??? Penalised for 24 hour fuel and or double XP.

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I have spent over $150 bucks supporting this game. After the last update no matter how many zombies you kill, hardly see any Gold or Silver crates ? WHY is that ?

New outpost player matching SUCKS as before you can even save up 7500 to upgrade your walkers you get raided and lose crates at least 400 a day. Seems developer only wants you to buy gold in game to do anything. Crate rewards also suck as you save up for legendary crate and get some crappy weapon you don't even need. I wont be spending another cent until they fix this.



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    There's already an abundance of threads on both subjects and they have answers as to whether or not algorithms controlling outposts and crate drops have changed has been addressed by the devs. More answers on the crates but the answers and discussions and other experiences are already out there.

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    Welcome to the forum, you will fit right in.

    I haven't registered those changes but I'm sure there are others who have.
    I'm lost.

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    This is from yesterday. They gave me one Epic and 3 Rare items, but at least I know they're out there:

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    @brentp17 lol I got that from a level 5 challenge mission :(
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    So here is what I believe is happening. I have now spent over $425 AUD supporting this game. hey will not respond to my questions aout the Gold and Silver crates in over 3 weeks now. I havent used standard fuel for missions in ages. I did this morning and I did the same missions with the same team. Then ran out of fuel. The rewards I got were awesome so then I thought wow maybe it is all ok now. As soon as I purchased 24 hour fuel, BAM, back to STUFF ALL AGAIN . 1st image is the none 24 hour fuel and 2nd is cpnstant from 24 hour fuel and all I get lately. Every time I ask them they wont reply on why this is. I guarantee there is an algorithm that penalize you for 24 hour gold and double XP.. I have noticed that when you get either the rewards are reduced significantly, talk about anti consumer behavior. Lession here. DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY.
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    UPDATE: So I finally had a reply after 5 weeks of none. The answer I got was this. It is pure luck, that the algorithm uses the base % to calculate so it is all chance. BULLCRAP !!! I know since the 2nd last update that they changed the algorithm so hence why they don't see me spending anymore money. I have done hundreds on hundreds of explorer missions and used to get mad rewards. Now I get stuff all ...I know I am only one player but when you have spend over $425 AUD, they know when you stop buying. I keep getting pack after pack after pack to buy. I wont even buy 24 hour fuel anymore. If they expect players to support the game after changing things that disadvantage you, they really need to look at their player base
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    There's an inherent irony in this thread complaint. If your definition of "awesome" rewards is that first screenshot, then you will be just fine. There's plenty of green/blue gear to go around in gold crates, lol
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    I have never bought 24 hour gas and I see very few gold and silver tickets after exploration missions and slightly more of them in challenge missions. Overall drop rate for tickets is much lower compared to a few months ago. I used to get all my legendary equipment from deadly exploration missions and now I'm lucky to get 1 useful piece of equipment from exploration missions per month. The overall reduction is probably because of 24 hour gas - if mission ticket drops and reward crates were like before then after 24 hours of free gas you should be sitting on a pile of great legendary equipment.
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    There hasn't been any official comment by NG and I lost my desire to data collect anything anymore regarding this game, but I wouldn't put it past them for there to be some type of time lapses RNG regarding gold crates.

    Ultimately as many of us may have noticed you hardly ever see a type of vehicle on the road until you are interested in pursuing that specific type of vehicle or already own it. I used to own a Jeep Liberty. It wasn't until I was interested in owning one did I realize how many were on the road. I believe the same premise works here. We all expect the same number of gold crates that we might typically see over a 24 hour period on non gas (assuming a player doesn't play challenges and has 6 gas an explorer mission and sleeps 8 hours a day) they are likely to see somewhat of 2-3 gold chests in that 18 hour period of non gas days.

    So people would assume that if you're seeing 3 gold crates in an 18 hour period and if you're heavenly farming on unlimited gas that at 1 explorer mission every minute that you should see 3 gold crates in a 20 minute period would be normal. But if the video unlocks reset every few hours whose to think the gold crates resets dont happen similarly.

    I have no data to back this up. Nor do I plan to compile any data. We all realize theres about a 1 in 10 times we'll get a gold chest and it seems to appear way less when on unlimited gas but it is what it is.

    I don't buy has for more gold chests. I buy to bang out exploration missions while waiting for the 30 minute challenge window to unlock.

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