do "super" characters exist?

deacondoesdeacondoes Member Posts: 34
I don't understand how this is possible.
I have all level 15s attacking on a raid - an assault, a shooter and a hunter. All with lvl 15 legendary or epic weaps and armor. The defender has 2 15s and level 12 warrior. I freeze the 2 level 15s with the assault, then hit each one with a charged shot from my shooter, then kill them both with a charged shot from my hunter.

The defender level 12 moves forward but can't reach my survivors. Next turn I spray the lvl 12 with my lvl 15 assault (like 550 damage), hit him with the shooter (like 800 damage) then hit him with the hunter (like 600 damage). After those 3 attacks, The health bar of the lvl 12 warrior shows about 1/3 GREEN left (not red). The level 12 warrior defender then attacks my assault and hunter. My assault health bar goes about half green, and my lvl 15 hunter shows maybe 1/4 of a RED bar remaining. So straight to an almost empty red bar.
I hit him again with my assault, at which time the lvl 12 health bar goes red. Then hit him with my hunter, and finally kill him with my shooter.

So how is it possible the lvl 12 warrior could almost kill my lvl 15 hunter in 1 turn, but it took 6 attacks from 3 lvl 15s to kill him? That means the lvl 12 absorbed nearly 3800 of damage from my attackers. I don't understand how this is even remotely possible.
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  • SpringChickenSpringChicken Member Posts: 145
    Maybe that was the Level 22 survivor some people have seen on their raid logs?
  • mcbkhicksmcbkhicks Member Posts: 686
    was the defender under cover if so damage is reduced by half
  • deacondoesdeacondoes Member Posts: 34
    Level 12, nowhere near cover
  • It could be a bit. This week's challenge I got hit by a freeman and almost died even though I had 1,500 hp. The same freeman that hit me took several charged shots and regular shots to even start bleeding. He was the only one I had problems with, so how come the others didn't behave as he did?
  • deacondoesdeacondoes Member Posts: 34
    Had another one this morning. A lvl 13 defending shooter hit my lvl 15 attacking shooter with ONE shot and killed him. No bleeding. Absolutely No other characters attacking my 15.

    1 shot kill.

    I didn't know that was possible for survivors or saviors.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,661
    @deacondoes , unless your level 15 shooter was previously in a struggle, this should be impossible. Was your shooter in a struggle with a walker before opening the gates?
  • deacondoesdeacondoes Member Posts: 34
    No my lvl 15 shooter was untouched and unharmed
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,661
    @deacondoes , please submit a in game support request so that support can take a look, please include screen shots from the raid log so that support has information.
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