Prayers out to the Orlando victims and their families

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I just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers are going out to the victims and their families of the Orlando shooting

Some of us have friends from the game that live in that area and are affected by this...we're here for you and stuff like this puts complaining about a video game in serious perspective

And funk any bitch-ass coward who does something like this!!
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  • AGirlHasNoNameAGirlHasNoName Member Posts: 5
    Horrible tragedy. Hard to process.
  • LydiaLydia Member Posts: 167
    Dominating the news over here in UK too, really tragic :( Thoughts and prayers for those affected xxxxx
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    A true coward indeed - firing on unarmed unsuspecting innocents out enjoying their leisure time.
    Back from 2016 :p
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    Edited for clarification.
    This is such a tragic and pointless event, and to a portion of a community that already have day to day struggles.
    Hopefully this will help create some unity.
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    @blynknz I think that even the haters will agree that this must not happen. Praying haters (irony: check) can still have compassion.
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  • SlickRickSlickRick Posts: 2,731

    I'm praying your comment was just a poor excuse for a joke...if not why don't you take a minute and think about how you would feel if something like this happened to one of your friends and/or family members

    ANYBODY who rationalizes cold-blooded murder regardless of their beliefs has some serious issues upstairs...and if that's how you truly feel go start your own thread and stay out of this one
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    Removed by User :)
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    I appreciate you responding and clarifying :)

    Those are issues for another day and a different thread though please...this is just about praying for the victims and anybody affected by may not believe it helps but many do so please just respect that...if you want to start a different thread to discuss those other things feel free!!
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    @SlickRick, thats fine. I will edit my posts for clarification and to make sure the thread is not taken in a different direction
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    Thank you @blynknz
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    I stopped looking at the news due to the nonstop trump fest the media has been engaging in, as a result I'm just learning of this tragedy. I send my deepest thoughts and prayers out for the victims, their families and their friends during this time of grief.

  • KillMeNowPlsKillMeNowPls Member Posts: 15
    I know a person in Orlando who could've easily been at Pulse. I am glad to say he wasn't there that night... so was not directly affected.

    It shook me to the core.

    I grieve with the families. I read a post on social media about someone's grandmother flying to Orlando for the funeral, the JetBlue airline organized a signature campaign on the plane for her. It turned into walls of text, and each passenger stopped and spoke to her on the way off the plane.

    Humanity can rise up to the occasion.
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    Equally great, if not even bigger tragedy is, that this violent act of hate is used to fuel even more hate. :( Why can't some people just get rid of their irrational and unjust hate and accept the people different to them? It's not that hard really. I have no big words for this matter, it is just too deprssing and sad. My condolences and sympathy for all those, who just wanted to dance and love without fear and discrimination.
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