Update 1.10: Survivor progression changes

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The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land will introduce a huge improvement to the way you can collect and upgrade Survivors.

Collect Class Tokens when making Radio Calls
Choose whether you accept a Survivor or collect the Class Tokens of the Survivor. Instead of rejecting all survivors for XP, you will now choose a survivor to trade in for Class Tokens. Now you can benefit from all the Radio Calls you make, whether or not you choose to accept a survivor. Rejecting a survivor from your team will now give Class Tokens in place of XP.

Upgrade traits and promote all your Survivors up to 5 stars
Use Class Tokens to unlock and upgrade the traits of your Survivors. Once you have fully upgraded all of your Survivor’s traits, you will have the opportunity to promote the Survivor to the next rarity level. This means that eventually all of your Survivors are capable of reaching the highly sought-after Legendary rarity!

Train all your Survivors to the maximum level
The maximum level of all your Survivors will be raised to the maximum trainable level in your Training Grounds. Upgrade ALL of your Survivors to the maximum level, including the Survivors that you already have in your team.

Other upcoming content:
  • Max Council level increase (18)
  • Episode 14 - The Church
  • Combat XP balancing: Soft cap per mission

Join the discussion here: http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/comment/91061#Comment_91061

EDIT: Changed a sentence regarding maximum trainable level.
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