So we are fighting for the top spot and we have a rare place open to join our guild.

Obviously, all stars count so we want a good player so can keep competitive but this happens.

1. We get a request but we can't vet.

2. Player joins and the gets 3 stars the bare minimum.

3. Player then camps and says nothing on chat and just takes a space for someone who will help the guild.

4. Let's name the players that are culprits of this

We just had a player called KingNoodles do this to us recently and many more in the past.
if we can't ban him then let's have a thread where we can out these people and the guilds with extra players who join and leave just so mess with ones progress.



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    Should it be in Guild discussion section? @zbot ?
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    We have had this happen in our guild in the past and found this technique to be the best to avoid that all together. You're right , randomly just accepting someone who applies is a frustrating process as the guild chat system doesn't allow you to know anything about the player or even private message with them .. here's what we do , hope it helps .

    -Player applies when we are 19/20 and looking for members

    -We accept player and make a note of their name and camp level

    -We welcome them on guild chat and say that they must download the groupme app and provide their email and they will be contacted

    -We then give them a couple/few hours to respond before booting them and repeating the process

    -The worthwhile (non-leech) potential members will vet themselves this way and you can spend the time getting them placed and explain whatever guild rules or minimums you have. The players like this 'King Noodles" guy won't keep doing this to unsuspecting guilds to leech stars when their actual email and game info is out there for people to know . While we get most of our applications from the forums and our FB page , we have actually gotten a few of our very best members through guild in-game recruitment.

    Hope this helps!
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    'Outing' players is a forum rules violation. You cannot troll players. I would recommend that you edit your post to remove his name before a mod does it for you.
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    I am not editing anything.

    I do not see this as trolling whatsoever. this is making other guilds aware of a player that joins guilds with the soul purpose and reason of causing disruption.

    Am not trolling, I haven't started a hate campaign against the player am merely pointing out what his does and his actions and don't like been accused of the fact. Thank you very much.

    If a mod wants to contact me or edit/censor my message I will deal with that action and the procedures but I certainly won't edit my post, my view and be WILL NOT be silenced into letting people know that this player caused disruption. What is the forum for if not useful info such as this.
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    I looked in the Guild forums for a thread just like the one being proposed. I think it's an excellent idea and would go a long way in stopping leeches looking to exploit guilds. If they don't want to be named and shamed, then they can damn well pony up the stars and play fairly.
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    Hello @Japes87

    Thank you for that concise and informative reply to my post. So looks like the groupme app is the way forward. We are somewhat mixed guild of all age groups so will be interesting to see if everyone jumps on board but going to give it a try.

    Thank you so much,
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    I think this thread has run its course.

    Per forum rules: No posting of personal information of any kind. No doxxing. No witch hunts.
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