So now that people are ending up with outfits in duplicate...

Since NG thinks we all want multiples of same outfit from redundant bundles, maybe they should let us trade doubles For tokens as well. Since they can't get of their asses to create a new unique outfit. Lazy, boring, lame attempt...don't you guys get payed enough to actually do something unique, or is mailing it in the NG way?
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    @Grinch , seems like you missed the eetu memo.

    Just because you've seen the bundle before doesn't mean others have seen it or purchased it.

    And lastly please see the forum rules found here especially #5.
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    Would it be possible to have the game check a player's outfit collection, and if a duplicate would be purchased, then provide the gold equivalent rather than another outfit?

    I opted out of the Morgan and Dale bundles because I already had the outfits and the bundle wasn't worth it to me since I did.
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    It's actually a different outfit, anyway. It's not the deputy uniform, even though that's what it shows when you click on the bundle.
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    This is what comes to mind ...
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    OMG! They might show up to the same fight wearing the same outfit? I think we need some pictures of who wore it better! Lol
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    Just a quick question. What's up with the deadly missions? I was playing what I thought was deadly missions but I'm not getting credit for them therefore racking up the 500 gold pieces has stopped. Does anyone know whats going on with them? Thanks a bunch to anyone who answers this! ✌
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    They are gone! Snatched away! Will they return?! Possibly. But for now, they are no more...... Maybe NG is protecting us from ourselves with the upcoming upgrade. Maybe they are trying to save our helpless survivors. I don't know. But we shall see.......eventually. :blush:
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    @LadyNomad , deadly missions were removed as of the last update. Here is the reason why it was removed.
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    Well that's a total bummer. I actually lost 2 that I didn't want just to et names on the memorial
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    Sorry it's wrong thread. I'm a first timer here. I'll get the hang of it.
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    Grinch said:

    ... get payed ...

    It's "paid"
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