Update 1.10: New traits and trait progression!

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New traits and trait progression!

New equipment traits:
Silenced - Has a X% chance of not creating threat
Bullet Proof - Enemy bullets have a +X% chance of bodyshotting (only 50% damage) the survivor
Stun Resistance - Has X% chance of not getting stunned
Charging - X% chance on kill to generate an extra charge point

New survivor traits:
Defensive Stance - Increases damage resistance during Overwatch by X%
Power Strike - Does X% more damage if attacking without moving
Bullet Dodge - Has X% chance to dodge a ranged attack
Sure Shot - Attacking without moving increases the critical hit chance by X%

Traits progression:
After the update the amount of traits a survivor has corresponds to their rarity level (Common 1, Uncommon 2, Epic 3, ) New traits are unlocked by promoting survivors to the next rarity level with Class Tokens. New traits are determined randomly and can’t be seen beforehand.

Traits can also be upgraded by using Class Tokens inside a survivor’s profile. The newest trait is always first upgraded to the highest possible level step by step. After that, traits are upgraded from newest to oldest. Once all traits have been fully upgraded the survivor can be promoted to the next rarity level.
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