Are all legendary gear crates for warriors?

deacondoesdeacondoes Member Posts: 34
Collect my mission reward and raid crates. Get to 7500 and trade them in for legendary gear crates.
I have done this about 8 times now. I have received 8 warrior weapons. No armor, and no weapons for any other survivor type. Most of them are also a level or 2 ABOVE my highest warrior. So lvl 17 legendary blade when my best warrior is a epic lvl 15, max 15 - so he will NEVER be able to use most of these blades.

Is this common? It just seems wrong - it means at best I am many months away from being able to use any of them - assuming someday I may make a radio call and actually get an epic or legendary warrior with a high enough cap instead of yet another useless scout, then spend the million+ XP to level them...


  • @deacondoes very few people go for the 7,500 crates because it's just not worth it. The 500 crates give all types of radio's, XP, gear and weapons you can actually use. 1 crate vs 15 crates is an easy decision.
    Side note, with the new ways survivors will be upgraded, your warrior can now be upgraded to much higher levels.
  • deacondoesdeacondoes Member Posts: 34
    Bgbelden you mean I "Will be able to", not "can" right? I see no difference yet and assume the update you mention is not yet available.
  • Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 679
    I wish. All of mine are for scouts.
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  • GTownSurvivorGTownSurvivor Member Posts: 3
    I can relate. I get level 20 weapons and armor with no way to achieve a level 20 survivor. What is the point of that?
  • @deacondoes My bad, yes with the new update we're supposed to be able to take our survivors to levels higher than their current max. Although I'm sure it will be a hefty amount of tokens, I like the idea because several of the survivors I use now, I would like to use until I'm finished playing.
  • @deacondoes The update is right around the corner, but please don't hold your breath. Unless you want to.
  • mavenmaven Member Posts: 3
    I've got countless legendary crates and all of mine have been for warriors least since all my survivors are maxed out. Maybe way back I got something different for a low level. I almost always scrap them it seems. I feel your pain!
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  • mavenmaven Member Posts: 3
    although, @deacondoes, I retire and upgrade my survivors often and wouldn't plan on holding onto an epic 15...keep playing, you'll get a 19 legendary for every class...then hang out with me until we get a freakin update to move forward.
    Get prepared, be strong, and stay alive!
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