Update 1.10: Combat Stats Rebalancing

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Update 1.10: Combat Stats Rebalancing

In update 1.10, there will be a rebalancing of combat stats, meaning damage, health, and armor. This balance change will be universal and affect survivors, raiders, walkers and equipment alike. The changes are subtle and won’t affect gameplay on a larger scale, but have to be made in order for level progression in-game to not become imbalanced in the long run.

The way stats progression works at this time would mean that as the levels go higher (19, 20, 21…) the survivors, raiders, walkers and equipment with these levels will become largely overpowered, so we’ve decided to make these changes in update 1.10. Higher level equipment, survivors, raiders and walkers have been the most overpowered until now, and as such, high-end players will see these changes the most. That being said, these changes are not game-changing or -breaking for any player.

This, and other balance tweaks we’ve made are in order to fine tune the game and make it more fun and fair for all players. They also ensure that No Man’s Land stays fresh and can be continue to updated long in to the future. Your feedback to all changes we make and features we release, as always, is very important to us so do let us know how the game feels once you’ve tried the newest update!
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