How can you tell how many stars a new Survivor has in a mission ?

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I read on this forum you can tell what type (How many stars) of survivor your getting in a mission (before ending the mission), using flee option.
I try but I can not find the info.
Can you help me ?
Is there a way to know it max level ?

Thanks in advance


  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    If you could explain how you do it with a screen shot.
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    I can not find the post where it was explained, so it not possible anymore but it was possible in the past ?

    Any tips on how to recruit good survivor in mission ? (like in episode 6-2 Hard)
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    @Lance Hello! I might be the person that you are referring to. If you flee, the border of the survivor will tell you the star level. For example a blue border = epic = 4* and gold border = legend = 5*

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    i only got 2 star survivors on those missions..
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    Hi Helio,
    I do not see the paper doll of the new survivor when clicking on FLEE, only my 2 current survivor, perhaps if you could explain more, or take a screenshot, maybe this has changed since the last time you did it Helio ?
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    Sorry... I haven't played one of those missions in a long time while, and just assumed when pressing flee you would see the new survivor... I remember playing the level where you get a bruiser, and things went bad, so I decided to flee and picked the bruiser so my main team wouldn't get hurt :) Well, maybe my memory is wrong and it is impossible to do this... So when the new survivor is part of your team, and you can move/attack with the new survivor, if you press flee, you only see the original 2?

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    Pressing flee only shows your own survivors that you started the mission with. It does not show the new survivor. They are not a part of your team until you accept them after the mission.
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    I never flee, so this is just speculation:

    Could it be that there is a point during the mission (such as when gate open) when the rescued joins the team (although not yet recruited to the Camp)? After that point you are able to abandon that person too? It would make sense, though it would not be a real sacrifice (apart from needing to repeat the mission).

    Last mission in episode 3 has a rescue that you can't recruit and you're starting with 3 survivors. But apart from that I believe all rescue missions I've done (that'd be only 1 and 4 so far) has at one point given me control over that person, ability to attack with it and eventually moving also that person to exit. I suppose I also got the card showing that person to the left in view.
  • You can only see what type of survivor and what level they are untill after the mission is over. There is no way to tell how many stars the survivor you are rescuing has until after the mission has been successfully completed and you are presented with the option to include the rescued on your away teams. After doing serveral more rescue missions and hoping and praying that I can get another Legendary because much like everyone else here I want them very badly I now realize that I was mistaken in thinking that I did get one from a rescue mission and am sorry for accidentally creating the "urban legend" that it is possible to get anything but a 2 star survivor on rescue missions. As of this date so far in the game I now see that it is not possible at all. I must have pulled the legendary shooter I now have with phones very shortly after I completed that mission. Again I'm sorry.
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    Its only 2 star (uncommon) survivor..

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    They're always 2 star, but if you replay on hard and nightmare they will be higher starting level.

    If you let the one you're rescuing get killed, the mission will fail and they will show as Dead even if it's not a deadly mission. But you can replay and they will be there again and you can rescue them again. If they are really ugly you can sometimes get a different portrait and gender this way.
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    During a mission of episode 12 the bruiser guy got killed...but the mission did not fail.

    Maybe a bug...but maybe a little wink how useless bruisers are :D
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  • Capleton said:

    During a mission of episode 12 the bruiser guy got killed...but the mission did not fail.

    Maybe a bug...but maybe a little wink how useless bruisers are :D

    I'm not sure what mission it was, but they are in the barn and there's about 5 people to save. I only saved 3 but they didn't become part of my family and I passed it?
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    @bgbelden Those were the eden farm people. They are their own separate group and do not join your team.
  • zoson said:

    @bgbelden Those were the eden farm people. They are their own separate group and do not join your team.

    Cool, but I wondered where they went, I even fought alongside the one I wanted.
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