Will this update = full supplies?

In some, not all updates, we were given full supplies.
Will this happen again?

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  • @Illbrainer no, I believe there was one very early on, maybe around the time I started on the forum because everyone was bitching about having no advanced notice to empty their supplies.
    Certainly @OldGoth or @TK-421 , @Teeceezy would no exactly.
    It's times like this you wonder where @eetu is?
  • @Illbrainer I joined the forum in November but the game in October when it first became available for Droid. I know about bundle supplies. But I'm thinking we had full supplies for an update.
    Hey I also think I'm smart, but that hasn't worked out wells in my entire previous lifetime. Well except for that one time, wait no that's not it. Uhm, ok so it hasn't worked out well. At least I'm not the only stoner with CRS
  • @CanadianMike Can't Remember Shit.
    And I've never heard of whatever gosh awful disease causes what you said.
  • @teamshane I'm still going by my original faulty memory thinking there was a very early update with full supplies. I remember it because of everyone bitching they would have emptied their storage had they known. It also helped me because mine were as they are today, empty.
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