What's new in 1.10!

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What's new in 1.10!

Your Survivors are levelling up! Tomorrow, 28th June, we’re releasing the update 1.10 to introduce the new Survivor progression system. Collect Class Tokens when you reject and retire Survivors and use them to upgrade your entire team to the highest possible level.

A completely new Survivor progression system:
- Collect Class Tokens when making Radio Calls
- Upgrade Survivor traits
- Train all your Survivors to the maximum level
- Promote all your Survivors up to 5 stars

New content:
- Story Episode 14: The Church
- Council max level +1
- New Equipment traits
- New Survivor traits
- More info about traits here: http://forums.nextgames.com/walkingdead/discussion/11898/update-1-10-new-traits-and-trait-progression#latest

- More XP for walker kills
- Earn up to 3 times the amount of XP from the first 100 walker kills
- Walkers after 100 kills reward 1 XP
- Auto-centering has been disabled when fast forwarding in a mission
- Overall audio mix polish
- Rebalancing combat stats to allow more linear progression
- To allow higher level cap
- Tie in with the new survivor progression system
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