New survivor class: engineer

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I propose a new survivor class inspired by show characters like eugene:
This new survivor class should be entirely different from the others in that it cannot attack in normal ways like other survivors. It's defense should be similar to the assault class. It should not carry a weapon at all. Well what can it do then?
My proposal is, that the engineer could take useable items (they are only usable once) on his runs which one should find as mission rewards.
For example one could find a belt with handgrenades on a mission. The engineer could then take these along and use say 3 grenades during a mission. Other possible useable items could be: medical kits (could also be produced in the hospital), gasoline (to set survivors on fire), a live chicken or something similar (to distract enemies) and many more.
Further abilities should include:
The engineer has 3 action points per round instead of 2. The engineer could finish tasks like opening a door 33 % faster than other survivors.
One last thing about this class I'd like would be maps that have hidden object that can only be used by enineers. For example there could be barrels with explosives that could only be activated by engineers.
Please tell me what you think about this idea :)


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