New survivor class: Enforcer

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A survivor with shield one will be also great like T-Dog in season 3. It can make like a support , unable to attack, but able to push walkers back.
As character passive ability I like if is immune at stun, the critical attack will be reduce by 70% for ranged and 50% for melee class. Also as a second item will suggest a helmet for avoid Brain stab ability, which reduce the damage with 30%.
As traits will be recommend Bullet Prof, Iron skin, Doge and Lucky.
As charge ability it fit Shield Wall which can use to protect the others survivors from flank attacks or from behind . When it cast the survivor will receive an additional action points to let him/her to place in order to protect incoming attacks from behind or flanks.
I see that some players want to see consumables like flash grenade, He, smoke or loud(it's my idea. it can use to distract walkers attention when it throw outside the map) and I'm agreed with them. So if a class should benefits the enforcer is one of them and also engineer.
Note: The class name can be change with better one.


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    I kinda like the idea, but I feel like the bruiser class is already good at being tanks. Also there will be new traits with the new update that may further increase bruisers potential (e.g. chance to resist stun). The class you propose would make bruisers rather useless or am I wrong there?
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    You fullmetalphysicist, are wright, it's my fault because I don't analise the possibility that my idea will affected bruiser.
    Anyway I see that they will add 4 new survivors, their class have a flag as a symbol. Probably you can unlock after mission 10, which I don't start so the classes could be chosen or they will accepted players ideas, who can know? So because it is a tank, this class will be a support.
    Thank for your feedback( and also the CanadianMike former support, if I understand good the fact that disagree your comment) and I will correct the idea.
    Honestly the engineer could have more potentially as a support and will be add later so I hope that others will have more lucky.
    I hope that comment will not annoy and upset nor you neither CanadianMike for the fact that I interpreted his opinion as being in my favor.
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    It's a forum so we are supposed to discuss ideas :) you certainly don't have to appologize and I'm definitely not annoyed ^^
    Thx for your participation!
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    So, what do you think, @fullmetalphysicist, can will need any improvements?
    I hope the same for @CanadianMike .
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