Free men/women survivors

SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
I think that the survivors with every player get in contact and I referred at the one you should save in order to unlock the class and the civilians, all of them are made with the principle which is use for the Outpost defenders. Good, but may you make it more active?
I mean that all of them should be more active. You made it, but all of them should move and not set at defense or stationary, because the game should be more fluid.
They are more potential, I respect that but I want more moments like it was in episode 9, missions 8( I don't know how it look like the 10th,11th,12th,13th because I don't progress- but I remembered that I saw a mission where Daryl and other two survivors will stay in line, at the top of map and wait the walkers to come at them).
Don't you think that should be more dramatic with more moments when the characters will be sacrifice, abandoned or betrayed the Daryl's team for a new gang or why not to add boss like The Governor or to fight against a corrupt National Guard which will be made as the free men with you confront in Challenge missions?
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