How about introducing crafting

You gather items during missions like weapon parts that you assemble together to make equipment or other stuff.


  • fullmetalphysicistfullmetalphysicist Member Posts: 18
    I like the idea. But I would reduce it to special events. For example if we could get parts of Daryls crossbow during a limited time in the challenge mode. This would also benefit active guild players :)
  • SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
    Good ideas, but why not crafting for normal survivors ,because @Manimal idea have lot of potential if will receive enough support and in order to @fullmetalphysicist idea will add I suggest that with parts from events we can make new weapons like crossbow, bazooka, shotgun (that's last weapons are not my ideas and I hope that players wishes will be hear, because I also like to see this marvelous weapons).
    So everyone will win: players from guilds and who make it on their own.
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