How about introducing MORALE?

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MORALE should affect survivor on a scale from 1 to 5:

1) Freeze: the survivor panics and loses both APs
2) Scared: the survivor loses 1 AP
3) Neutral: nothing changes
4) Corageous: the survivor get 1 AP
4) High morale: the survivor get 2 APs

Of course there should be an X% of chance of getting it...


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    If you agree @Rapax I add:
    5) Surrender; if your leader suffered heavy injuries or is dead you lose.
    If free men lose their leader they will help.
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    What do you think about Betray and Crazy, @Rapax ?
    6) Betray when the morale is very low and free men lose leader and more than two members (in a mission I saw more than three, as is normal-I remembered that they receive reinforcements-) the traitor/traitors will start to hit his/her/their teammate in order to help you or come to you. Now you have to choose if you will accept or kill it.
    Note: 1) when the betray start you can see an icon which mark the "rat".
    2) Beware if the mission task is "To reach the exit" the betrayer will try to kill you, so will must to kill in order to survive and win.
    3) If the free men will see the deserter and they are neutral (kill walkers in order to survive) they will attack you.

    7) Crazy ( one of player came with these idea as a trait; I not steal it, I try to promote, even if I not have he/she accept, also I not ask him/her)
    The concept is to make survivor to shot random without control.(or for melee to hit in an 360 degree wide arc, that's my idea)- that the idea inspire me to write this.
    So if the mission task is to kill them all (walkers, probably it was the same task, but with free men), and the map is like the one from Challenge "Fish in a barrel" and zombie push and the rest of team suffered heavy injured (their bar of health is 10% red or transparent or you use medical kit point) or if it surround by them and health is very low when it's his turn in order to avoid struggle you lose the control of survivor and he/she will start to shot all of them and deal low damage because is afraid and aim at body or hit all of them(scout will can miss -30% chance-, if the weapons is not a axe).
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    Well theese are all good ideas. I hope NG is listening..
  • SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
    ... and watching. :)
    You are the one who start the topic. I just add some suggestions at your great idea.
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