Raided Crate Rewards

NailSvyNailSvy Member Posts: 33
So, when we raid we have options.... Silver, gold, weapons/gear of various levels...
We KNOW that if we choose the latter what we are guaranteed. Don't you think that it would be a better idea if when we choose the silver or gold crates we can get anything other than weapons or gear?
Gas, gold, radios, supplies, or XP ONLY?
It's so frustrating (especially now - after the update) that when I'm grinding anywhere I can for supplies and I use 500 crates and get gear, rather than the possibility or supplies or XP.
Anyone agree?


  • SquadSquad Member Posts: 56
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    My opinion is that you wrong, @NailSvy(I don't to start an arguing;it's my point of view). I can't agree because most of crates from any kind of missions are give you resources.
    Make me annoying for the fact that I waste my golds for resources.
    More than time I receive from all crates only supplies, even if it pick a radio or gold to make the 25 golds to count, and often 50 for this.
    I think the gear is more important then tomato and xp. You can get more at least 100 kill in one day, collect twice( 44k at level 6, if I not wrong: one produce 11k so after three days can upgrade Tents, Hospital-lvl5 or radio and others).
    It's my opinion so because the dislike don't exist I will disagree you.
    I hope not make upset you.
  • NailSvyNailSvy Member Posts: 33
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    @squad I'm not upset at all! I appreciate your point of view and opinion. We all have them :)
    (You do realize I was talking about outpost raids only though, right?)
  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
    @NailSvy not sure why you're distinguishing outposts because we don't actually win crates from outposts, it's "trade-goods" (the same as produced in camp and from guild-challenges). We then use the Trade-goods to open various crates.
    But If they were to have an extra crate option for supplies using TG, that could be nice
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    No you are partially right @NailSvy because you suggest , for the fact that sometimes or always from gold cards you can receive only rare gear and very often epic or if fortune is with you, a legendary.
    And supplies are use for upgrade and the cost is high and also 8/10 hours... so idea is that the resources are more valuable that at least 800 experience points.
    It's my fault because it's for only outpost, but gold, radios and now tokens are more welcome than tomato and exp, right?
  • NailSvyNailSvy Member Posts: 33
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    @Squad @SpacemanSpiff @Japes87 I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly, lol
    With the crates we can choose from the reward Outpost- (silver 200, gold 500, rare gear 1500, epic gear 3500, legendary gear 7500), my suggestion is that when we choose the silver or gold crates, the rewards will be anything EXCEPT gear. (Because if we choose to use 1500, 3500, or 7500, we know that we will get it).
    THAT'S why I get frustrated. If I wanted gear, I would trade for it. When I trade gold crates 500 (or silver), I would prefer the "surprise" of XP supplies, radios, gas, or (now) tokens.
    Did I explain that a little better? (Sorry if I wasn't clear)
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