68 gold for 17 amount of gas - come on dev!!

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How many of you guys never bought a gas for gold? 68g for 17 gas sounds horrible. Since release date I never did it. Of course I bought few bundles pack but gas price is a big misunderstanding.
For £3.99 we get 500 gold which is enough to refill gas 7 times. Playing deadly explore mission worth 6 gas we can do it 21 times which is 1hr. One mission took 3 min.
Come on devs do something with gas price.

Many of us will never buy gas for gold! But if full tank will cost 30 gold then I'm sure 50% of these players will do it. As me.
Please consider it. Sometimes few small steps are better than one big...
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    I agree. Price of gas is insane. I understand that NG wants to make money but jeez they increased the price of everything so fast yet things players need flounders. I don't mind paying and have purchased quite a bit of gold but the NG greed has gone too far. I love the game and the community but please NG don't price yourself out of the market.

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    I have seen it too @BigOleTDs. And it is unfortunate because when the costs begin to outweigh the enjoyment then I move on and delete the game. When it costs over 1000 gold to upgrade a survivor and over half a tank to play one mission (which without the upgraded survivor you will spend the next 1.5 hours plus waiting in the ER) that lasts a couple of minutes then costs outweigh the entertainment benefit. And yes, I know, I can wait days and days to get enough soup and experience to upgrade then another day or so to upgrade. When you get to the big level zombies, regardless of weather you have bought gas and gold to upgrade, if all survivors are wounded in your 2 minute game you get nothing. On the other hand, I do get lots of practice surviving so I don't end up in the hospital! BUT, NG needs to fix the auto screen right away. That has cost us all survivors and money. it has screwed me up using my free attack survivors too. Go after a big boy thinking I was on my two hit, get close and oh crap!
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    someone posted that the gas should have an option to be bought for a certain amount per 1 gas and not refill it fully.. This way, it will be much cheaper if we only need it a few and be able to only buy that few.
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    Agree with all of this and it isn't just gas! Everything is way too expensive! I haven't played a mission in weeks as I am just trying to keep up with upgrading my players and services (weapons, training ect). It's funny as "the other Walking Dead game" is just the opposite! Much easier to keep teams trained and upgraded, but the game play/stories and graphics/music/sound is nowhere near as good as NG's No man's Land! Help us out Next Games! throw us a bone and keep us playing and not just playing the same things over and over in order to keep upgrading!
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    aysatyo said:

    someone posted that the gas should have an option to be bought for a certain amount per 1 gas and not refill it fully.. This way, it will be much cheaper if we only need it a few and be able to only buy that few.

    I did it. It's crazy that instead of buying 1 missing gas to start a mission you NEED to refill whole tank....
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    I also posted a suggestion about this a while ago.
    Sadly it has gone unnoticed ... :'(
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    Not anymore ;)
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    Gas is really expensive, no way I can keep buying more
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    Don't worry sure they will increase the price of gas next.
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    If nobody will buy gas for gold then definitely price will the decreased...
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    Only way the top players are getting 300 stars is buying gas.
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    NG has reduced gas prices for gold and added other ways to get gas! Closing this thread.

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