Make antenna lvl a choise

Would it be possible to choose what lvl survivers you call out to?
A simple choise to set your antenna to lvl 5 for this call and 6 for the next call.

I for one made the mistake to upgrade my tent to lvl6 asap.
This means i now get survivers that max lvl 16-17-18
But as we cannot make them higher then lvl14 i cannot use all their bonusses.
If i could now call survivers that max lvl 14-15 (tent lvl 5) i could max them out and profit from their bonus.
And then as the game progresses get higher lvl survivers ready.

For all you out there think about it and don't rush your antenna until needed. a legendary surv max lvl 14 is the best in the game for now (until next expantion)
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