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My husband is working out of town all week and wanted me to play his game.....I think I should have signed the whole tablet into his Google account then linked the game. I didn't, linked the game, and now my game has been over wrote by his. I contacted support with my name, guild, player level - they said the found it, and had me try a few things with no luck, kept saying no worries - they would link it manually.

....but they haven't responded since this morning....getting a bit anxious, anyone ever get their game back after doing something like this?......I'll tell you one thing, I'll never try to play his game again!


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    @KatanaSquadJenni , if you followed these instructions and support has responded, I wouldn't be worried.

    Did they give you instructions on how to restore the game? If so, please follow the instructions exactly as stated.
  • KatanaSquadJenniKatanaSquadJenni Member Posts: 44
    Yes, I went through instructions with them twice and it didn't work....seems like they wanted me to make sure I was connected to my Google account on all fronts and not my husbands.....it is for sure completely connected to my account - which is why I believe my account has now saved his game and not mine.

    He said he could find my original game and recover it manually - but he has not responded for almost 8hrs now, just getting a bit anxious and wondering if there is hope to recover it.....I'm on level 48, this is my favorite game - but I don't think I would start over at the beginning....I've put in a lot of work.
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    Did they give you any other instructions?

    Also please be aware the time in Finland to your respective time zone. Right now it's 1:45 am in Finland.

    NG has recovered many games so I wouldn't worry but it will take time so please be patient.
  • KatanaSquadJenniKatanaSquadJenni Member Posts: 44
    I'll just have to be patient and hopeful!
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    @KatanaSquadJenni , any update on this issue?
  • KatanaSquadJenniKatanaSquadJenni Member Posts: 44
    Yep, I'm back.....they worked hard...couldn't seem to figure it out, but linked my game anyhow with fear my husband's game would be over wrote, but as of Friday we are both up and running!
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    Thanks, issue resolved, closed, archived.
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