PvP system more rewarding.

FazuFazu Member Posts: 2
I feel as if the pvp in this game is lacking... I've noticed that there's very little reward at all from raiding someone's outpost.

Firstly, you are using up 2 of your gas; which could instead be used towards challenges (which give you much more rewards). Secondly you are already using 10 crates every time you look for another person which adds up very quickly. And then you are also risking your players to be injured every time you attack.

At this point I find it nearly useless to raid someone's outpost when I could just go and do a challenge instead.

But there's so many ways to fix it without causing harm to the game, and instead enhancing pvp so that players will get more out of it.

(1) To begin, we can add a loot system at the end of a raid, just like the crates in pve. Nothing to spectacular just something to throw In a little extra.

(2) Another guaranteed reward. Resources, xp, or possibly even another type of currency. Such as a token that you receive everytime you win. Any type of token would be acceptable whether it's a class token or one that you could use to buy certain things with.

(3) Seperate gas. Now this ladies and gentlemen... As I said before, at this point i rather not waste my gas on pvp when I could easily go and use it on much better things such as challenges; but imagine if we used a Seperate gas tank for pvp... So that way people won't have to choose pve over pvp or vice versa.

Just throwing my opinion out there and I'd really like to see pvp go in a better direction in this game and those are some ideas to improve it.

If anyone has any suggestions please leave them below.

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