power issues. more overall power from lesser powered weapon

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Hi can anyone help me out.

I have a legendary shooter
The higher powered weapon when equipt is giving less power overall than a lesser powered weapon see pic


  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Hey @ViperSY, this seems to be the traits issue that arose from 1.10. It has since been fixed.
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  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    @Teeceezy, is my issue different to @viperSY, as I still see the problem
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    This bug has clearly not been fixed. I thought the extra damage points on the lesser weapons was due to the traits being unlocked on the lesser weapon but when you upgrade a weapon the damage level that the weapon shows increases making it part of the overall survivors damage points, so this is still not working properly

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    @teeceezy please see above......issue is still there these screenshots are from this morning....sorry forgot to @ you in first post
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    Maybe I'm not understanding the way the Damage value is calculated. I thought there's a 'base' value for the survivor, and a power level for the weapon, and these two are added to get the overall damage. I also thought the power level shown for the weapon takes the weapon's traits into account.

    But - this doesn't seem to be happening consistently.
    It 'appears' from the first three screenshots that my survivor has a base value of 315:

    The calculation goes a bit skewed here, but not a biggie:

    But, this is where all rules seem to get disobeyed:

    Why does this weapon give the highest overall damage?

  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    I've posted an explanation that needs approval, but here's a quick heads up:
    This is working as expected. The Lethal and Health Boost traits are only calculated when showing the overall weapon/armour level, and not ag
  • ambienceambience Member Posts: 114
    @viperSY @Kace07
    I think I know what's going on: the 'Lethal' trait on weapons, and the 'Health Boost' trait on armour lead to the overall increased Damage/Health.

    There just appears to be a minor bug where the damage/health of weapons/armour doesn't take this into account when showing values for the item - but correctly it does take it into account when showing the calculated Damage/Health.
    So, in my last screenshot above, the *611* value for the gun is correct (due to the Lethal trait), but the *217* value is not. It appears that All "Rare 12" weapons show the same value, irrespective of traits.
    So, one bug leads to another: as I have weapons that have a power level above 217, I get the exclamation mark showing there are weapons with higher power - whereas in reality, when the Traits are taken into account that isn't the case.

    And the maths to prove it:
    In the second to last screenshot I have another weapon with a 217 power level, but it doesn't have the Gold Lethal trait that increases power by 15%. And a 15% increase on 531 is 611 (610.65 to be precise)

    Yeeha! Ignore those exclamation marks for now :smiley:
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