Thank you

Just wanted to say a huge thank you, after months I have been answered and compensated.

Like our own Boris Johnson, who today stepped down in is bid to become the next prime minister of Great Britain I withdraw my request to be a 'mod'

Thanks again the forums to @Teeceezy in particular who got back to me just now.

I now consider the matter after many months to be closed.


  • LightfeetLightfeet Member Posts: 1,062
    A new trend in Britain...? :#
  • johnnydivesjohnnydives Member Posts: 324
    It's tough being British at the moment @Lightfeet but after visiting New York recently and seeing what is happening and what people are dealing with in the US I don't really have a license to take the mickey out of American politics anymore, In post-Britain leaving the EU it's literally a real life Mr, Bean episode we are experiencing at this time so thank goodness for NML as brings some light relief.
  • limeyjohnlimeyjohn Member Posts: 215
    @johnnydives at least we have the football.....oh, wait......
  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939
    Months huh...
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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