Make survivors sacrifice who left behind to count. Benefits for 15 radions spend.

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I suggest that the two survivor who don't choose will give you tokens.
Also when you choose one survivor, the others will give you tokens.
I think it's a good idea because now you can choose one survivor or retire for tokens. And it's not fair because you can scrap items for tokens and don't receive from Cinema or crates.
What do you think?


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    Could you tell me, @Lightfeet, why do you disagree?
    The price for upgrade the trait require 120 and to promote other 240.
    Consider that from a rare can receive approximately 100 and for a 9/10 level epic 128.
    So do you will sacrifice 2 for the price of one legendary when you can take additional tokens from crate, cinema or scrap items?
    I respect your opinion, but I think it was good to take benefice for all 15 you spend.
    Also, @EL34xyz thank for feedback.
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    Nice idea, but really what happens when you retire the survivor after choosing to keep it? Then you are getting tokens for ALL 3. I don't think NG would do this without reducing the amount of tokens they give.
    Back from 2016 :p
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    You, @theRealBender are right.
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