Epic survivors were seriously nerfed !

@Teeceezy @OldGoth Legendary survivors kept their gold traits . My level 18 epics gold traits turned to 4 , silver turned to 3 , so in order to get the gold trait you already had earned you have to promote you epic to legendary and then if your gold trait is first you spend 250 tokens to level it back up !! So that's 730 tokens if your lucky min. Seems very crappy


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    @blackiguana what you say is true but think of it this way. Before the update your epic survivor would be maxed at lvl 19 period now its unlimited they also gained a fourth trait and they also can be upgraded to legendary. That's 3 things ng gave us positive for a small nerf imo.
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    @Ovidmikel I have to agree. Losing 3% on a gold trait upgrades to epic is more then made up for giving us a 4th silver trait for free.

    It does suck it was nerfed slightly but overall (as an example) getting 9% dodge on an epic makes up for losing 3% luck on an epic.

    In addition based on how traits upgrade, your first 120 tokens will go towards making that new trait level 4.

    So Monday that survivor didn't even have dodge. And now he has 12% after your first upgrade. And you only temporarily lost 3% on your gold luck trait.

    It's just a way to look at it I guess

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