Information about health status during missions

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We have green, orange and red colour health bar in mission summary.
What about make it visible during play? Sometimes is hard to notice how badly is injured our survivor. Especially when we want to achive 3 stars.
Or information about health status when we click on survivor. Anything to make it more clear and visible.
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    I'd love to be able to click on my survivor and get the current health info like we can do with the walkers.

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  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    And description 'healthy, wounded, badly wounded' Many times I thought that I have light scratch so 3 stars will be achieved and zonk...lightly wounded - 2 stars :(
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  • MajorPayneMajorPayne Member Posts: 3
    I totally agree. When the survivor has been bruised or injured it would be nice to have the health bar reflect this with changing color. I have no problem wasting a full tank if I know I'm not going to get that third star but it's a piss off losing that third star because I was hoping injury wasn't that bad. I really hate too wasting hours of waiting for gas because a survivor got tapped by a walker and I didn't want to risk that third star.
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    Good idea
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