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I hope they'll add a part in the game where you'll send survivors for a run and there's a chance for them not to return (because they got in trouble on their way with walkers or saviors) and then you'll go on a rescue mission to get them. If you don't rescue them within an given time frame, you lose them forever.

If the survivors you sent to go on a run have successfully returned, they bring lots of goodies (supplies, xp, epic/legendary stuff, etc). The chances of getting higher rewards will depend on the level of survivors you sent.


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    Kinda like the rescue idea but not the lose them forever bit
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,494
    What if they will never came back because they feel better into another place??
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  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    I think by sending them to farther areas chances of getting better rewards are higher. But risk of losing them are higher as well.

    If there's that risk, it brings the game much closer to the actual tv series.
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    We have been considering a feature like this since before launch. We'll see if it makes sense in... The Future.
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    I am waiting for one where there is more interaction with the surroundings. I'd like to see one where you are at the crash site of an army helicopter or an abandoned army convoy, and you have to use mounted weapons (minigun, grenade launcher, .50 cal) to fight off a large group of walkers.
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