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CIAgentCIAgent Member Posts: 11
@Teeceezy @zoson

What are you thoughts on this?

Do you think it will ever happen?

Would you like it to happen?

Now we can upgrade our suvivors to legendary status and keep them updrading, i believe the same system should be introduced for weapons.

You buy these bundles with gear but once your suvivours surpass the weapon level it becomes useless.

For myself makes these bundle packs they sell useless in my eyes.

Would love to hear you opinions on this...

Thank you


  • steste Member Posts: 108
    I'd really like to see something like this because weapons are way too expensive to upgrade and they drop off in usefulness after a few levels. Xp wise it would still be pretty expensive just upgrading your best gear one more level after each workshop upgrade.
    There are that many traits as well it's still difficult to find perfect gear that you'd never want to replace. Ive only had a handful of gear with perfect traits in all the time ive played. It also makes those legendaries you get in the early part of the challenges potentially useful
  • SpacemanSpiffSpacemanSpiff Member Posts: 634
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    ...And if they later say "Ok, now we introduce expensive new weapon-Tokens," then would you still want an unlimited weapon upgrade system? It may be less expensive just to get new weapons at that point. Just saying :wink:
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,554
    If selling old weapons would be used to get tokens for upgrades we can be assured that's one way of getting less weapons in crates.

    Right now weapons in general are in abundance. Usable weapons is a different story. On unlimited gas Id estimate I pull at minumum 100 weapons an hour. If tokens are necessary to upgrade weapons then count me out if wanting that change.

    Now if it only required xp to upgrade it (keeping all traits intact) count me in.

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  • DodkongDodkong Member Posts: 1,048
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    So don't break the traits on weapons down into levels 1 to 5. They have one level of traits that is set when you find it. Don't allow rarity advancement either. You find an epic AR, it will always be an epic AR.

    Instead, allow the damage to scale up as the weapon is leveled up. Also, give a bump up in number of traits like what occurred with survivors.

    No need for tokens or a complicated system.
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  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    I'd also be happy with a simple unlimited leveling.
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  • CIAgentCIAgent Member Posts: 11
    Yeah i would rather not a token system. keep it simple with using xp to upgrade to higher levels.
  • SlickRickSlickRick Posts: 2,731
    They've said they're looking at gear stuff...but since they're still exploring it I would bet heavily against them giving us any specific details
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