Against All Odds...

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... Portugal is the new Football/Soccer European Champion! Sure, we did not play the fanciest football, we defended a lot and relied on the individual quality of our forwards frequently. And yes, lady luck was also nice to us at times. But we deserved this tittle before, specially in 2004 and now we are bringing it home! It's just a sport, 22 guys kicking a ball around, but our country sure needs some good news nowadays. So congratulations to us! :-)
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    @CanadianMike No? What do you mean?
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    Papacas said:

    So congratulations to us! :-)


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    Well done to Portugal and to @Papacas

    Ronaldo kicked every ball even not on the pitch and rallied from the touchline showing his passion to win and played his part from the dugout. Awesome goal showing a team won and eleven individual players for a whole nation.

    Congratulations to Portugal from the UK.
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    I have always liked Portugal. Players like the Pinto brothers, Rui Costa, Bento, Sousa, Figo, all great. But as long as Ronaldo plays, I rout against them. Still, congrats, and I agree you deserved it in 2004.
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    @CanadianMike well whatever then. I don' get the message, if any...

    @johnnydives thanks a lot. To win against France in France was special, i must say. We never beat them before in official games and tbh they were better than us. Luck, hard work, focus, whatever it was, it felt great!

    @TheLostOnes thanks. I agree it is nit easy to like a character like Ronaldo, regardless of his quality as a player. Of course i do like him but many Portuguese don't even. We played much better in 2004 and other events, but the trophy is what remains for history books!
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    The point was Ronaldo. If he had the chance to play the final game France would be the winner. He is a bad proud too irritable, he would be furious and nervous all the game, shouting to others portugal players and they will probably lose the cup.
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    @capibara well while i understand people do not like Ronaldo as a person, or at least the public person, it is impossible to say Portugal would lose with him. He is one of the best in the world, as a player, and Portugal got to the finals with him, having scored 3 goals and plus 2 assists. I do believe Portugal is stronger with him.

    On him as a person, he is a selfish player, vain, always seeking public attention, but he is not only that. He contributes a lot to the community and helps poor children to live and study through his foundation, so that also has to count for something.
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