Question for those spent 0$ on a game: How's it going?

Scorpio_CROScorpio_CRO Member Posts: 73
I've been playing since last Christmas and I haven't bought anything for real money in the game.
I'm currently LVL 40 player, with survivors lvl 17 and gear lvl 16 (in a week I'll be able to upgrade workshop).

What are your experiences?
Do you think game is unfair to those who don't want to spend money on them?
Do you have troubles for not paying or do you think it's still a fair game?

Actually, are there any non-paying player on forum at all, or is it like searching for a 20 year old that has never seen a porn in his life? :smiley:
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  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454
    I used to be a non-paying player before they released the 2x XP and 24 hours full gas bundles. Since then, I've bought those 2 bundles a few times. Those 2 bundles are really reasonably priced in my opinion and I always take maximum advantage of those bundles I buy to ensure that when they end after 24 hours, my supplies and XP are full :smile:

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  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    I think after boosters released number of F2Ps dropped drastically.
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  • Scorpio_CROScorpio_CRO Member Posts: 73
    @PRODJ I don't see use of boosters.
    I can farm 500k XP daily and even more Supplies (depending on what missions I play over the day), and I'm fine with turning on the game every hour 16 hours a day.
    I'm not in guild, so I'm not really competitive (not trying to "hit the charts") - if I'd take gas booster, I'd be full in 4h playing the game, and I don't know what I'd do for the other 20h (as I said, I don't play challenges, that's not my interest).

    If they had 6h gas booster for quarter the price (~$1.00 or less), I might even consider buying it once a week (Saturdays) to refill my storage (20 games an hour is more than I make during the day, so 6h is equivalent of playing 6 days).

    I know they won't make it, so I'll never buy nothing from the game.
    Only tempting thing is that Fresh Survivor Bundle with full supplies (but I'd first have to upgrade all my storage to max to maximize the gain), and a leg weapon with survivor slot seem OK.
    That's max they'll "suck" out of me :)
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    What @PR0DJ said ↑↑↑
    I've recently had a couple of booster bundles, but the equipment bundles are way outta my reach!
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  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    The best reason I can think for spending money on this game is if you wanna have stuff faster.
    >>> JOKE! >>> So if you're used to cumming fast you'll probably stick to that routine. <<< JOKE! <<<

    I find that this game is VERY fair to free players.
    You can play it all, and have it all, without spending anything but time.
    Which I think is the best deal you can get in a game!

    Recently I've done a gas booster, just to get ahead faster making the most of the double soup event. And I've bought my fresh survivor bundle this weekend.
    So from now on I cannont count myself among the free players anymore, but since this being really recent I feel I can put in my 2 cents.

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  • KaiserKaiser Member Posts: 60
    I am such a player, and will probably stay that way since i cant comprehend the idea of spending money on pixels on a screen :D Even so, i still enjoy the game, i started playing in april, im lvl 36, soon 37, with lvl 15 survivors. I understand that the grind is boring most of the time, but whats the point of playing a game if u just buy your way out of every problem. I like the fact that free players and paying players can achieve the same ceiling and as long as it stays that way i will continue playing.
  • DangerBDangerB Member Posts: 231
    I think it used to be fair. But from my experience in the last 6 weeks or so it has become near impossible to obtain Legendary equipment from RNG drops. I usually use both boosters on Friday so I run a ton of Explore missions and totally max stars. So usually on during that time I will open around 50 or so Gold crates (I don't track it, just my gut telling me). The past 6 weeks the best I have done is a base level Epic.

    This decreased drop rate seemed to happen about the same time they introduced the Pick one of Three Rifles bundle..The first time it happened.
    Before if you had patience you would eventually get your choice weapon with your desired traits. Now not so much IMO.

    So playable to F2P players sure, fair...don't know there is no end game so what are we judging as "Fair".

    So is it fair F2P players chances to get what they want "seemed" to decrease, while at the same time gear is available for purchase. I guess.
    But spending money does not = you will be a better player than a F2P player.

    I think the best verb to describe this would be discouraging..

    There is another thread about Spending Gold and maxing stars. While I applaud those that can max stars with no Gold or boosters, I cannot.
    And I would think those with other personnel obligations (Work, family, Pokemon) find it hard to max without a tank refill or two or even boosters.

    So to me what makes this game "Unfair" for F2P players is the challenge schedule. While it has been proven max stars is attainable (for now, what happens when you have lvl 20 guys, or maxed lvl 21 guys and you can get 50-75 more stars. Challenges will only take longer and longer to max as your personnel progression increases) So by that logic is it still "fair" for F2P players, because as some pros have shown you can max w/o spending, but I would think these people are the exception not the rule.

    Add one more day to the Challenge, or make one of the days a weekend and I think the "Fairness" gap decreases. I think what others would feel as "unfair" - buying radios, gold, choice gear can be equalized some with patience
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 593
    Level 53 player here, started playing in Nov'15. Haven't spent any $ yet but exceeded my data plan twice :s
    Like @Scorpio_CRO mentioned, it's achievable in keeping up with the rest but you have to be really disciplined in playing the game on a daily basis. Being in a committed guild helps too, TG are used to gain supplies to level up. Lady Luck has been kind to me so far in terms of legendaries too.
    So yes, the game is fair & level for everyone in my opinion.
  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145
    In my opinion one of the most unfair things in this game towards free players is Morgan's staff. It rewrites the mechanics of bruiser weapons and can't be found as a reward. You could buy gas boosters every day for the rest of your life and you couldn't get a weapon that does the same thing.
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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,783
    @piffolomania , the bruiser weapon reward for episode 14 functions like Morgan's Staff.

  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 385
    Im level 51 player, only spending my sponsors' money to play this game, that is, advertisers (videos) and my employer (data connection).. Started around november last year and spending roughly 30 - 60 mins daily, unless travelling and not having decent connection as this game is extremely sensitive to connection stability . I do have my complaints regarding "free" play and there have been a few times I really considered stopping playing this game but here I am still...
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  • piffolomaniapiffolomania Member Posts: 145
    @zbot Thanks for the heads up, I still had it in my inventory.
  • WahooDawgWahooDawg Member Posts: 470
    I started in January and I'm hanging on to my f2p status so far (those gas boosters are awfully tempting though). I'm level 47 with mostly level 17 survivors. I LOVE this game! I've had terrible luck finding legendary survivors (and retired my best one long before I heard about 1.10). And since the deadly missions went away, it's really hard to find good gear. But I recently joined a great, no-pressure guild (shoutout to DeadFamilies) so I'm getting a lot more TGs now. If I had one request, it would be to have my deadlies back. Oh, and another epic/legendary survivor weekend event would be awesome. But no matter what, I'll keep plugging away because I love the game!
  • HamphilHamphil Member Posts: 36
    I'm lvl 44, have lvl 17/18 survivors, and haven't spent any money on the game yet. I have decent weapons, but could always use better. I have actually gotten a legendary handgun (lvl 18) and warrior armour (lvl 17) recently from just playing the game, but have also scrapped a lot of junk as well.

    I think the game is still fair for non-paying players, you just probably won't have the best gear or lvl up as fast. As long as every now and again I get decent weapons or armor, I'm fine with that. If they make it so that the only way to get epic or legendary stuff is through bundles, then it'll be totally unfair and not fun anymore
  • sigmaphi465sigmaphi465 Member Posts: 110
    I've been playing since February and have achieved lvl 39 with a zero dollar balance. People all over the forum said that I would eventually cave in and buy something, unless I was crazy. Well, certify me, because my wallet is still closed. I'm not judging anyone, here; there is nothing wrong with dropping coin on a game. I made this decision because I have boiled the use of money down to just "a matter of time." If I were to purchase a gas or xp booster, I am only racing faster toward the inevitable: reaching the top. I've learned from other F2P games that when I reach the top, the game's fun meter goes way down (for me, perhaps not for you). I look back and actually more enjoyed the journey than the destination.

    I see it as there is no hurry. I upgrade everything in turn and just wait for the weekend events for bonuses. I am lucky to have three awesome legendary survivors, and a number of epics that certainly hold their own. I keep the walker pit fully upgraded and win over 90% of my raid defenses. Perhaps the only thing I don't have are the special signature weapons that you can buy, but even then, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel--they are probably going to be obsolete in a month!

    Finally, even if I did spend money, I would never compete with the top of the heap. Seriously, I have read that people have dropped 4-digits per month on this game! Those elbowing for the top spot are in a league of their own. So, to answer your question, I feel this game is very fair for F2P players, and I am doing just fine! :smiley:
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  • Vintage_BullVintage_Bull Member Posts: 214
    Started late December. $0 spent and it will stay that way. I share many of the feelings as the other f2p posters here.

    I'm not going to turn this into a bitch session about why I won't spend $$. My reasons for being f2p are well documented throughout this forum. I just don't feel NG has made this game "solid" enough for me to spend money on it.

    Anyway, currently level 49 (soon to be 50). I have 18 total survivors. My top survivors are made up of 6 level 19 legs and 3 level 18 epics - none of which are scouts or bruisers.

    As long as my guild is cool with my putting up 300-320 stars a challenge, I'm content being a f2p.

    I should mention that I did "stop" playing, some call it rage quitting (tomāto, tomăto), three times since January >:)

    Happy grinding!!!
  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    I bought a fresh survivor on my first account back when I had level 15 or 16 characters in order to get supplies to upgrade my council. That account is now lvl 51 with my first lvl 19 characters and I spent the last few weeks before 1.10 grinding all my other buildings up to max. (Didn't reach that goal, and still have to lvl supplies and hospital, did council, training and radio first). If I had some 19 epic or legendary gear, I'd level the workshop, but I'm not wasting XP on rare gear.

    I have a second account, started around February, because I wanted to see how progression changed if I upgraded everything before upgrading council. That one I haven't bought anything, and it's level 38 with level 14 players. One more farm to upgrade and then I can do the next council level.
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  • DisasterDisaster Member Posts: 28

    What are your experiences?
    Do you think game is unfair to those who don't want to spend money on them?
    Do you have troubles for not paying or do you think it's still a fair game?

    Actually, are there any non-paying player on forum at all, or is it like searching for a 20 year old that has never seen a porn in his life? :smiley:

    A no buyer player here.

    Level 33 survivor's level 13 and Ican tell you the game is unfair. Why? Let me explain.

    First of all if you can spend money here you can buy a specific bundle for you survivor. BUT if you dont buy anything and you want a legendary equipment for a specific survivor get ready to fight and pray, like my case.

    I want a legendary equipment for a explorer, he's a legendary, and every time y collect the 7500 needed to trade (after fight a lot in challenges and others players) is a roulette because I always get anything but not a knife or a new armor for him, always get an assault rifle or something related its hard to full equip one survivor.

    Second you can't buy bundles of radio to increase your chance to get more legendary survivors, recently before the new level system I lost a legendary hunter because it was at max level (11) so I had to say goodbye to my always friend Frederick, (I hope is still alive in that dangerous world) since then I never found again another Legendary Hunter.

    And finally the new level up traits... impossible to collect 260 tokens. Since this new system started I only upgraded one trait.

    But I'm still fighting and I will stay alive.

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  • TetomazzoTetomazzo Member Posts: 3
    I've never spent a dime on any phone game and I don't think I never will.
    I'm almost level 52, most of my 18 survivors are already level 19, I have 5 legendaries.
    I only find it hard to keep up after the last upgrade.. I could do 340 stars with lev 18 survivors, now I could do more, but I don't have enough time to reach for more, the only way would be buying gas (and I won't).
  • MrsScattercushionMrsScattercushion Member Posts: 120
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    Not strictly a free player but have only bought the fresh survivor bundle so far. Currently lvl 38 with mix of lvl 15 and 14 survivors, made up of 3 legs and the majority of the rest are epics. The ability to keep lvlling up survivors came at the right time for me, as virtually all my team were maxed and it was looking like a slog to keep progressing.

    Patience is the key and I do play the game a lot, making most of events at weekends, such as the supplies one, where I was able to upgrade 3 buildings v quickly with the supplies I had. I rarely use gold for extra gas and make 220-240 stars a week in challenge, so can get some good rewards in the higher crates. Equipment drops vary but, unlike some, I will upgrade rare items if the traits are ok and i'm not getting anything better (especially rifles). I've also kept my survivors numbers down to 15, so I lose out on getting some of the quests, but it does mean upgrading them/equipment etc is more manageable.

    The gas and XP bundle may tempt me as a one off if feel like progress is slowing down, but at mo am happy to grind!
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