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Is it worth upgrading the workshop and gear? After reading the forums, its pretty much a split opinion, but cannot find a good answer. At this moment, it is very difficult to get the gear I need at the level of my survivors in epic or legendary even using the crates. Since the guild I am in does not take advantage of the challenges like I would like them to, I do not get many crates. Poor gear always come in the boxes after each mission and challenges. Maybe I am impatient, but I want a more aggressive way to acquire better gear.

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  • Knightmare65Knightmare65 Member Posts: 106
    Thanks for the input. I do try to upgrade my council and training grounds as fast as possible. I also upgraded my farm and radio tent, but leave the workshop until last it seems. I wanted to know if upgrading the workshop and gear was worth the time and XP. I do not play the outposts too much because I always seemed to be outmatched and that's 10 crates a hit, can add up. It seems you guys favor upgrading workshop and gear, just make it the right gear with good traits. Good advice, thanks.

    About guilds, I am working with a young guild trying to motivate and push them to improve with each challenge. Instead of leaving them, I'd rather weed out the lazy and bring in self motivated people who want to rank. I will be patient with the guild I am, I want to give them a chance.
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