A couple questions regarding farming

Once you unlock a survivor, you have the potential to get weapon/armor drops for that class. Does it have to be in the upper level episodes? So for example, I unlocked the assault class in episode 9. Do assault weapons only drop in episodes 10 and above? Or can I farm lower level episodes and still get the assault gear?

When farming for health or xp, the locations change on the map after every completion. Does each location correspond to a specific layout? Or is it completely random?



  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Member Posts: 199
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    Once unlocked, you can get drops for that survivor class from any level mission.

    In terms of exploratory missions, the locations on the map are for show only and doesn't have any bearing in the game.
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    I've noticed that once you unlock a survivor class you can potentially receive a weapon/armor prize for that class on any mission you complete successful afterwards. However it kinda appears that the "suggested survivor level" for missions tends to match the weapon prize levels received after for completing the missions.

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