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  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    @Shadowkeeper I already have an idea to get tokens from Outposts.

    For more info refer to my thread in "Suggestions and ideas"

    Probably making a video!

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  • docfinzenburgdocfinzenburg Member Posts: 543
    as suggested before, pls add tokens to mission rewards or chests in general, chance of getting tokens in chests should be similar to chance finding radios or gold, in comparison to radios and the radio tent normal chest should give 2 tokens, silver chest 4 tokens and golden chest 8 tokens (f.e.)

    what about adding a choice for the tents to produce tokens instead of XP, just like a switch to make your own choice... token production maybe 1 token every (2?) hour(s)
  • ShadowkeeperShadowkeeper Member Posts: 77
    edited July 2016

    After releasing the update, we realised that the unlocking token values were from a previous test build (the one youtubers were using); this was quickly corrected to the actual values. Sorry about that!

    @painclasher Thanks for the link and for giving us your input, I sent your idea to the people looking into this. Much appreciated. :)

    @docfinzenburg You too, thanks for that!

    Everyone concerned about survivors doing less damage, we had a visual bug issue where the damage was wrongly calculated. This was fixed with the update, but the issue was only visual, and should not affect actual combat.
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  • IllbrainerIllbrainer Member Posts: 464
    shakey said:


    It most certainly HAS been nerfed. And fwiw, i am not complaining about tokens, or hero classes, or gas refills. I am saying i invested a large amount of time and effort into building my resources in game. Gear, survivors, camp, etc. And i am tired of having that effort nullified every damn time a new update drops. The walker strength increases with lvl. I fully understand that concept. But when my damage for weapons and survivors i have spent hours (literally) grinding to have xp to upgrade, is reduced, and the walker health is increased, effective WIDENING the gap between the totally negates my efforts and any money i have spent. It is the point of having something you put alot of effort into taken away, in order to get you to spend even MORE time and money to get back, what you already had in the first place. And beyond that, if we feel cheated and feel like complaining to those with the ability to do something about a game we ALL enjoyed, how is our complaint any more self absorbed and whiney, than you deciding to come to their rescue and tell us about global current events? Just saying, if you truly feel its 'just a game' and there are more important things to worry about...why do you care if we are pissed?

    Hey Shakey,

    thanks for your words (pls tag me next time, I almost overread that this is for me).

    I Do care about everyone who is pissed as I said in the beginning. I just think so much energy should he directed to something worth it!!

    I just dont like wrong complaints or usage of wrong words, like you did. The damage nerf (which did not happen according to NG!) didnt "totally negate" your efforts. Nor is anything "nullified". This simply is a false statement. @Ovidmikel had a missing hunter when he returned to the game if I remember correct. THIS is a total loss! This nullified his efforts in upgrading that survivor!

    What you have is simply a wider gap in dealing damage as you said. You may be pissed about that, no problem but pls comunicate it proper. You didnt lost a single thing! Vice versa: You won a more challenging game;-) (yeah, glass half full type!)

    Enjoy the game!
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  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066

    Everyone concerned about survivors doing less damage, we had a visual bug issue where the damage was wrongly calculated.

    Once again...there is absolutely nobody who wants to swallow this pill!
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  • DuckDuck Member Posts: 119
    Posting in this thread instead.

    Okey, the damage wasn't nerfed in THIS update..
    Q. But what about walkers health, is that increased?
    Can't remember a lvl 22 tank had over 10000 in health before update?
  • RuthlessRuthless Member Posts: 42
    Also Feels like either dmg has been nerfed or walkers health increased after this update... We need some clear and correct answers! Many of us worked hard to build our survivors up and now it feels like we went two steps backwards instead of forward
    MizTyDanofthedeadfistonltd[Deleted User]
  • CanadianMikeCanadianMike Member Posts: 202

    Everyone concerned about survivors doing less damage, we had a visual bug issue where the damage was wrongly calculated. This was fixed with the update, but the issue was only visual, and should not affect actual combat.

    How about explaining what the actual visual bug was? What was incorrect before? How is it now calculated? How should it have been from the beginning? You type many words, yet you say nothing.
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  • fistonltdfistonltd Member Posts: 149
    Its a good idea, but with the whole dodgefest going on in the outposts.
    We would still not get many..
    Unless we all agree to make it easy for eachother and put the lowest defence possible. That way we can grind eachother. And we al benifit from it!
    Its a way to get back at the scam they are pulling! Easy tokens and easy tg who can be against it?
    You really want to be on top of the rankings for that lauzy cyclereward,
    When you can get way more the way i suggest?
    Choose wisely please...
    Pain WalkerInvader
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,647
    @Shadowkeeper Quests should award only radios from now on. This way we will have a daily radio income.

    Probably making a video!

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  • shakeyshakey Member Posts: 72
    You should also consider this...if gameplay truly was unaffected, would there be this big of a backlash? If people only assumed it was nerfed because of the stats, but then were able to play the game as they had been you really think so many people would be in an uproar and posting so many comments about it? Some of which have never bothered to comment in forums before? Food for thought...there is an old saying, where there is smoke, there is fire. I am not the only person experiencing these changes to gameplay. I dont care if my stats say 1 damage or 1000. But when i am no longer able to even complete a mission i could previously complete unscathed...that, by definition, is affecting gameplay. My team didnt change. Nor did their gear. Or the strategy. So please explain to me how that is just my imagination.
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  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416
    Well i bought a gas/exp booster last night and I have made over 100 exploration missions with my L19 legendary survivors, 2 Hunters and 1 Assault. While I don't really keep track of how much damage my Assault does, I remember quite well my Hunters managed to get up to 2700-2800 crit hits quite frequently. During the last almost 24 hours I never EVER saw anything above 2600 (the max I did see was like 2550).

    I do know the adjustment is supposed to be only a graphical one and that 100 missions might not be a representative sample. Maybe... But I don't believe in coincidences that much, so I am really specious about this. Seems like NG wants to just throw some players out of this game and man, I am getting closer and closer to that group of people...
  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    Today I am hearing that the problem is a perception problem on our part. Even if that was true, it is still a problem. In many cases, perception is more important than reality. Bizarre but true.

    It's a visual bug? Really? The numbers were wrong before but now they are right? Are we really supposed to believe this? and, even if it is true, this is what you are going to say to a group of pi**ed off consumers?
  • fistonltdfistonltd Member Posts: 149
    So @Papacas
    You spent 100$ on 400 radios yesterday, u felt ripped of, but still u buy an gas and xp booster?
    For what?
    To grind for xp to max out your gear?
    To make shure u lose more damage next update?
    I dont get it. You see what they are doing, but still you keep on playing and spending?
    I stopped playing yesterday, cause made progress just gets wiped away when they feel like it.
    I'm not only typing it, i also act like it!
    And many of you should follow!
  • DuckDuck Member Posts: 119
    Duck said:

    Posting in this thread instead.

    Okey, the damage wasn't nerfed in THIS update..
    Q. But what about walkers health, is that increased?
    Can't remember a lvl 22 tank had over 10000 in health before update?

  • fistonltdfistonltd Member Posts: 149
    Have u seen the news? You can now upgrade your survivor to 10stars!
    Hahahah they just wont stop!
    Daim, its almost as hilarious as trump becoming president!
  • CanadianMikeCanadianMike Member Posts: 202
    I postet an official announcement concerning weapon damage here:
  • shakeyshakey Member Posts: 72
    @Illbrainer also, one last thing i would like to point out. Perhaps your idea of what is 'worth it' and mine don't align. Which is fine. But i would also point out that if I, along with many others, feel it is worth it to point out issues with a game we enjoy, in an open forum, monitored by the devs of that game, which is in place for that very reason...and in the hopes of improving our own experience along with others as well...what, exactly, is the problem with that?

    You are making arguments that my comments are wrong or false, as though you would have a means to know that, even though your assumption is based on what someone else has said, and the NG statement. If you look back through some of the many bugs and fixes for this game you will find, that everyone was not affected by all of the glitches. There have been many examples of -some- players having issues that others didnt experience. You even pointed one out yourself, citing someone had lost a hunter...then went on to assume i had not. (I havent) which only further makes my are assuming that because NG says the damage issue is visual, and doesnt affect gameplay, that that is an across the board deal and there is no possibility that perhaps my statements ARE correct, and WERE worded correctly. I have seen others in my own guild have issues where weapons were located in both gear slots, instead of a gun and armor...there were two guns on the survivor screen. I have seen people having issues with training buttons not working, etc. The list is pretty long actually. Point is...most, if not all, of the many bugs this game has had, have not affected everyone. Sometimes it was a device issue. (Android vs ios, etc). Others it seemed to be totally random. But unless you are a dev and looking at the code yourself, you are really just regurgitating someone elses 'facts'.

    Just saying, this could end up being one of those bugs and we could end up the unlucky ones that actually have legitimate complaints because our stats WERE actually affected, and our game play as well. So before you decide to dismiss our complaints, perhaps consider that just because YOU arent experiencing an issue, doesnt mean nobody else is. Anyone who plays this game is aware it is no stranger to glitches and bugs.
  • toekneetoeknee Member Posts: 7
    @shakey I signed up only to agree with that
  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416
    @fistonltd I see you are coming sort of aggressive on me and that's your call. I also see that you follow my spending, which is fine. I do not know if it is the light traces of OCD I always have had throughout my life (nothing much, I have no real and practical implications over this), or the fact I am that stubborn when I set a goal, but yeah, I did exactly what you are criticizing. I did want to level all my survivors to 19 and have all base L18/19 legendary gear maxed on them and I am following through. Does that bother you? Seems to me it is more your problem than mine, but again I may be wrong. Also there is one thing called Guilds and I always do my best to deliver my 330+ starts per week. Since I had a very busy start of week, I was falling behind and decided to come back, using a boost.

    I am fully aware that I am justifying myself to you when I don't have to do that. But you took the time to jump on what I did, so I take the time to reply to you. What I will not justify to you is why I pay 5€ to play more a game I still like. Granted I will not spend real money on radios and such, but I will still pay for the weekly booster I usually go with. That is my business. I work quite a lot, I have 3 kids, so I have to make my limited playing time useful, and so it goes.

    Also, seems like you are presenting your posture as the way to go. It is YOUR way, not necessarily everybody's. If you wanna stop spending and playing, go ahead. As for the others, well, not really up to you, is it?

  • csmith5390csmith5390 Member Posts: 170
    People are free to spend whatever money they earn, I have no problem with that. It's the fact that some people do have impulse, gambling, and OCD disorders and the creators are taking advantage of it by adding more and more and more ways to spend money. This game USED to be fun WITHOUT spending a bunch of money.
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  • fistonltdfistonltd Member Posts: 149
    @Papacas Didnt mean to be agressive or anything, i just wanted to point out that if we keep on spending, nothing will change in our benifit thats all.
    And if u still want to spend money on upgrades to be downgraded over and over again, that indeed is your case. I'm really getting sick of the ng attitude towards there costumors, so i dont play and spend anymore.
    And all i'm saying is, if we all do this,
    Maybe, maybe they'll understand..
    You mentioned different times you feel ripped off thats why i was curious why you keep spending..
    I personally dont like being ripped off, you can do it once but there will be no second time!
    Its like receiving baking powder,
    When you intentionnaly bought coke.
    Will you go to that same dealer again?
    Just a question, no personal attack of any kind;)
  • csmith5390csmith5390 Member Posts: 170
    edited July 2016
    "spend money on upgrades to be downgraded over and over again" GREAT POINT!! @fistonltd
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  • csmith5390csmith5390 Member Posts: 170
    Maybe they'll understand, but I doubt it. They're making too much money to care about us people who just want to play a fair game in our free time.
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  • fistonltdfistonltd Member Posts: 149
    It should be "Wasting" money and time.
    If u spend, u probably end up with something enjoyable.
    I have been playing this superbe game for almost 9 weeks now and I was really enjoying till the last update. (No man's land is my 2nd favourite game I ever played after XCOM). The other reason was that there is no possibility using cheat tools for the game.
    I spent lots of money (the developers need money to live for sure) in order to be able to get to my current level which is 39 and survivor level 15 but I seriously started to think stop playing the game since yesterday because of the reasons you all have.
    I hope they can fix all the issues that reasonning us to lose appetite.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing the walking dead no man's land." (qtn. from George B. Shaw)
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