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  • @GreenBalloon when I click on it it takes me to my profile making me assume it was me and that I had been banned. Does it take you to your profile?
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    @bgbelden Yes, it does. Really weirded me out at first.
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    Oh.. I See @GreenBalloon .. I'm on an iPhone so I don't get to see Sigs :neutral:
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    Well.. We fixed it since we made a page 15 :celebrate: :joy:
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    I was just looking at that and wondering why it quit stalking us!
  • @rgerkman I'm not positive being on droid and all but to see sigs, you have to click on you top right for bookmarks and scroll down to request desktop site. Its just a way to save data otherwise
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    So many posts...@zbot @DLich heroes do occupy slots, I currently have 23 of 41 with 18 survivors and 5 heroes....but, it seems as if they come with their own slot, so nothing lost to you.
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    @Duck Walker health has not changed. Level 22 tank has 8386 health. Level 23 has 10020.

    Thanks again for the ideas & suggestions! I'm dropping these at the dev's door ;)@painclasher @SlayerSect
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    @Illbrainer it would seem you missed a great deal of the point afewlive was trying to make. And i have to agree with him, you are once again making assumptions and guesses as to the details of someone elses gameplay. Nowhere did he say he couldnt afford it anymore, nor did he mention having a one-click best in game toon. He was implying that all of this new 'content' has swayed the RNG %'s even farther out of the end users favor, and that he would be willing to pay to play, if he had SOME kind of say in what he was getting, and was actually able to keep the benefits of what he purchased.

    We all get it. You dont like capitolism. Or you do. Nobody here seems to care too much which it is. But it makes you sound a little desparate for attention and very self absorbed when you start making statements as to the spending and playing habits of a complete stranger. As well as the specifics of their in game experience, when there is absolutely no way for you to know ANY of that information from their comments on a forum message board, other than the facts they decide to disclose. You think you have him all figured out because he is upset at how NG is treating their paying customers? Suffice it to say maybe, just maybe, what he looks for from the game is different than you. Rather than assume you know how much he has spent, why didnt you simply ask? Rather than jump in and blindly decide how much he "can afford" why didnt you find out the old fashioned way and ask him?

    Point is, it comes off as pretty pompous, when you decide you know everything about this person, and havent bothered to actually find out first. By my comments, are you also able to tell me, my age, race, DOB, interests and so on? No. You know NOTHING about me. And nothing more than that about him. Do us a favor and stop trying to psychoanalize people simply because they are disgusted with how things are being handled. You act as though a pay to play user has less right to be upset than a free to play user. Which is ass backward. The pay to plays actually have INVESTED in the product. And if they feel ripped off, who the hell are you to diminish their reasoning or right to be pissed? Alot of his post is his opinion. He has the right to it. Same as you to yours. But that, in the end, is all you are spewing...YOUR OPINION. So please, dont try to pass it off as anything else.
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    @SynapseRanger If you do not get the 10 phone option for the Hero of the day, send an in-game support message and a screenshot. We are investigating.

    @fistonltd @Gonkistan The Outpost log issue should be fixed now! If you have anymore problems with it, let us know. :)

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    @Duck Walker health has not changed. Level 22 tank has 8386 health. Level 23 has 10020.

    Thanks again for the ideas & suggestions! I'm dropping these at the dev's door ;)@painclasher @SlayerSect

    Yes I saw that! :)
    But it was on a recc level 22 mission, is that correct?
  • fistonltdfistonltd Member Posts: 149
    The OP log works fine again, thanks.
    Now bring the bulletdodge down to 1/2 instead of 9/10 and we can all go back raiding;)
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    Sorry, but I was well aware, and accustomed to Capitolism. I am born and raised in the good ole U.S of A. but thanks anyway. Still trying to figure out why anyone would troll forums. these are open forums right? lmao, yet no one can be upset by ANYTHING without you running your mouth in replies. I have spent plenty on this game. admittedly. so what. I'm not going to spend a dime on it now. still, so what. why is this ANY of YOUR concern. lmao. seriously. I think you need a hobby, maybe a role model. get over yourself homey. I have an opinion, as do you. I didn't make it personal until you decided to "mention" me, personally, in one of your daily trollings. I truly hope you don't think I give two shits about your opinions. and as far as me not being able to afford to pay to play. don't kid yourself. cause there you go. INTERJECTING YOUR extremely biased opinions, yet again. usually when someone agrees with a company, no matter what it is, they either work FOR said company, or just like stirring up trouble. my guess, you a forum hound. which is fine. but MY opinion, and the way I feel has nothing to do with YOU. so thanks for taking so much time out of your day to chat. me, I have some "visually bugged" stuff to do in TWD:NML. so good luck, and happy trolling! you deserve all you get.
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    I had a couple of good laughs reading the verbal fight going on between shakey, afewlife and illB.
    And i must admit i understand both,
    Think illbrainer likes tha fact that the paying costumers amoung us are brought back to the level he was without paying. He loves that all your (semi) bought gameprogress (in his mind) is being nerfed. But he refuses to aknowledge the fact that everyone has being nerfed?!? He just goes along with the visual bug theory?! thats just being blind or stubborn (choose one) except if u are willing too spend even more K's then before,
    Everybody will rise at the same level from now on. Thats true..
    Cause i for one, am not interested at all, in the new heroes with there silly traits! (And underleveled gear?!!)
    (Where's the logic in that? Oh.. I think i know.. To sell us a legendary crossbow for 15€ at the appropriate lvl of your weaponshop! Silly me..)
    And we all know this is a game with no end! And they have too make money.. But That was already the case before these 2 updates! When i still had fun playing it..
    i think its way out of balance right now!
    For me, the worst, is the fact we all spent lots of xp and time (no cash) to be at the point where we are (where).. we went up a lvl on survs and gear and we are left with less damage/health than before! Thats no visual bug!!! Thats just taking away accomplishments!
    But lets be honoust , shouldn't we be happy with the overpricing? Finally alarm bells went off in our heads!
    Have we really been spending cash to make progress in this virtual world to let that been taken away 2 updates in a row?!!
    We can spend our hard earned €'s elsewhere!
    We should take a good look at ourselves, to think about what we could have done with all the wasted money and time.. I personnally am very happy they scared the big spenders away!
    It can only work in our advantage!
    Maybe the game will get some of its orriginal glory and fun back if they manage to figure out they went a little bit too far with the nerfs and there (bleeding) cashcow!

    Stirr it up;) peace:)
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    @eetu It's the things added to the game that are a part of the ripoff! Individualized tokens, heroes, the lottery in general, reduced level armour and weapons, laughable chances in any lottery, and the near eradication of radio drops, all designed to squeeze payment. It's the payment aspect that has been the thrust behind the last two updates, not player enjoyment. Don't give me something, say it's a benefit and a game enhancer, then make it nearly impossible to acquire, upgrade or use it. And I am SO tired of hearing "you don't have to pay, nobody forced you. Just don't do this, or don't do that." So nauseating, and insultingly redirective. It only serves to offload responsibility AND diminish the impact of our opinions. Remember, you're not dealing with children here!
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    I just did 3 - 10 Radio Calls & guess what!?!?!

    I got Abraham!!! & unlocked him!!
    So I'm definitely feeling good atm

    I don't even mind it may take weeks to upgrade all his Traits & whatnot.. It's something to keep me occupied .. I'm just happy to have gotten the Hero I wanted the most :wink: :grimace:
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    DLich said:

    That's what has everyone so upset. The hero's themselves are cool being introduced into the game. It's too bad i'll probably never be able to play any of them with the current way they are attained/upgraded. I don't get to experience the joys of battling along side abraham or maggie anytime soon. :disappointed:

    It's almost as if this "8 days of heroes" isn't even a thing for me. I have survivors that are pretty decent (better than these heroes upfront) and now if I wanted to try and get "survivor tokens" i got these hero tokens getting in the way, making my odds of upgrading a survivor that much harder (let alone that it's now 250 tokens required to upgrade an epic into legendary where it was 120 just last week)

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    @DLich did you get a badge for quoting yourself? :D
  • IllbrainerIllbrainer Member Posts: 464
    I am with @rgerkman Thanks buddy!

    All in all!

    But let me say this: This is waaaay more ol'er Rep o' G here (why nationality is something to mention here?) and calling ME a "daily troll" is a big huge laughter and another meaningless, not grounded offend!!

    This is for the thread, rest I will make clear with dingenskirchen in a pm!

    Sorry for taken everybodys time for this bs!

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    May I be mad that I can't finally upgrade my hunter to legendary because they raised the promotion costs by 130 (to 250) for whatever reason (greed, to slow us down, to make us pay more, something...)?

    Now I'm still 70 tokens short which means I'll need at least two more rare hunters plus some uncommon or common - or another epic hunter to reject (wouldn't reject a legendary unless his traits would be utterly terrible...).

    Why again are we punished for not having spent $$$ to be able to promote our guys bevore 2.0? Oh, yeah... right!
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    DLich said:

    Knowing $100 will get you 14,000 gold and
    Knowing that 14,000 gold will get you 280 radios and
    Knowing that 280 radio's will get you 18 2/3 (15 radio) pulls and
    Assuming there is a 8% chance of pulling something useful (epic/legendary survivor or hero token equivalent) then
    About 1 of these pulls will be worthwhile.

    And even then you'd still be able to only upgrade maybe 1-2 traits OR unlock a common/uncommon hero.

    That's what has everyone so upset.

    Very well put! That sums it up very nicely.

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    just to please your curiousness: i don't spend any gold or money for gas and i usually use almost all gas during the week for the challenge, i generally hit 260 on friday morning and 310 on saturday morning
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