What's new in 2.0

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What's new in 2.0

Heroes! Play now with Daryl, Rick, Michonne and many other characters of AMC’s The Walking Dead! Collect Heroes through radio calls and unlock special abilities and valuable leader traits.

Complete Episode 1 for free Daryl tokens and unlock the first Hero of your team!

Introducing the first Heroes:
• Daryl Dixon
• Rick Grimes
• Michonne
• Glenn Rhee
• Maggie Greene
• Abraham Ford
• Paul “Jesus” Monroe
• Carol Peletier

What else is new:
• Turkish and Mandarin Chinese (simplified) localizations
• Guild advertisements
• The guild menu shows the last active date of the guild members
• Survivor rarity based level up costs unified
- Level up XP costs are balanced to be slightly higher on lower rarity survivors and slightly lower on higher rarity survivors.
• Team selection screen now shows walker types you encounter during a mission
• Other small improvements
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