Update 2.0: Leader Traits

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Take your team to the next level! Heroes are special survivors and each of them has their own individual Leader Trait. Leader Trait benefits the whole group when you take a Hero to a mission.

Notice that only one Leader Trait can be active in a group. To activate a Hero’s Leader Trait, you have to place them in the leftmost team slot. A team can have multiple Heroes but only one Leader Trait can be active at a time.

Leader Traits

Daryl Dixon (Hunter)
- Silent Shot: Ranged attacks have X% chance of not creating threat
Rick Grimes (Shooter)
- Take Cover: Damage reduction in cover is increased by X%
Michonne (Warrior)
- Thinning The Herd: Melee kills have X% chance of reducing threat
Carol Peletier (Scout)
- Aim For The Head: Increase the chance of critical attacks by X%
Abraham Ford (Assault)
- Bitch Nuts: Ranged attacks do X% more damage
Glenn Rhee (Scout)
- Lucky Dumpster: Kills yield X% of the XP as Supplies
Maggie Greene (Hunter)
- Harvest Red: Enemy kills yield X% more XP
Paul “Jesus” Monroe (Warrior)
- Hand-to-Hand: Melee attacks do X% more damage
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