Post here everytime you get 2 or 8 tokens for 15 radio call.

Post here and submit to support your screenshots when you getting 2 or 8 hero tokens with 15 radio call.


  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
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    Pretty annoyed, tried a 10 radio call and got no heroe tokens (increased chances?) then tried a 15 radio call and got this crap
  • CrazyDCrazyD Member Posts: 456
    Next time ill do a screenshot, got 8 tokens for a 15 call..... but at least it were Maggie tokens so im only half dissapointed :p
  • Eire1916Eire1916 Member Posts: 15
    2 Maggie tokens for a 15 call . no screenshot
  • Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 683
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    8 Jesus tokens. Should have taken the Epic Hunter or Epic Shooter instead...

    Elder and recruiter for FearTheDead

  • teamshaneteamshane Member Posts: 22

    I want my 3 choices of survivors that are 3 star or higher. Thats what im spending rare radios for. Seriously 8 tokens that i cant use for anything else, like my hunter tokens i cant use for daryl. Smh.
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    @teamshame using hunter tokens for Darryl hell I'm pissed I can't scrap his useless ass for hunter tokens for my hunters with good traits
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    @DLich I agree with your statement, I actually chose the epic assault to join my team she was far more valuable to me and an appropriate 15 call survivor, funny thing today I got 128 Glenn tokens thus unlocking him and upgraded to rare with a 5 radio call, :) I'm. Im not going to be swayed by these new heroe tokens as they will take forever unless you get a lucky spin so I will always choose the best value, but right now the new system casts doubt over the value of a 15 radio call
  • Black_JackBlack_Jack Member Posts: 278
    And also having no choice about whether I even wanted to unlock Darryl really [email protected]@ed me off I would have preferred to upgrade radio tower first
    [Deleted User]GreenBalloonAnnette578
  • rachel227rachel227 Member Posts: 18
    I made two ten radio calls and got nothing but two star survivors. Then I did three 15 calls. I got an insulting amount of hero tokens (should never be less then 32 on a 15 call)...but also got two legendary assaults in a row.
  • rachel227rachel227 Member Posts: 18
    In case you're wondering for the Rick 2 hero tokens I picked the leg assualt to add to my team and for the 2 Michonne I picked the 32 assualt tokens lol. At a 2 token rate for a 15 call I wouldn't unlock either of them until 2025.
    [Deleted User]
  • SUSHISUSHI Member Posts: 2
    3 times 8 tokens on 10 radio calls, no screenshots though. This is pathetic considering the rarity of radios and the high cost/low amount od purchasable tokens, should somebody consider bying them.
  • Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 683
    15-radio call right after the update. I didn't fully understand how it worked. Kicking myself ever since:

    Elder and recruiter for FearTheDead

  • BorutoBoruto Member Posts: 1,118

    Wow Joanne had very nice traits and could be good one if she unlocks luck. Well don't feel bad because anyone else could choose Jesus token in the heat of hero hype.
  • PopsPops Member Posts: 1
    30 tokens. 3 x 10 calls on Abraham day = 2 Abe tokens + 8 Abe tokens + two low level regular survivors? (Got 8 stinking rifle tokens) WTF
  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
  • HeisenbergHeisenberg Member Posts: 186
    I don't have a screen shot but I have received 2 Glenn tokens and 8 Maggie tokens on 15 radio call, on the other hand I also pulled 128 Rick tokens on a 15 radio call....ummm NG you have more work to do my friends
  • GindyGindy Member Posts: 703
    I decided if I was going to try for any, why not Glenn -- I mean, who couldn't use a little soup boost now and again, right?

    6 calls: 1 Glenn x8, 1 Carol x2 (took survivor tokens), and 1 Jesus x8 (survivor tokens, again).

    I thought this was the Glenn event, not a Sunday church potluck...
  • l2wannabel2wannabe Member Posts: 546
    I have no screenshots either but I made 5 of the 10 radio calls and of course I bought some of the bundles so I could get more radios, I got 8 Glenn tokens, and on Jesus hero day I think I tried 3 times and got a total of 40 Jesus tokens. Once 8 and once 32. It takes a lot of time and/or cost for not much of anything in return. It's kind of discouraging.
  • GreenBalloonGreenBalloon Member Posts: 316
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    I've been waiting for tokens in a bundle, though it was indignantly denied to be coming, but here it is. It only says "Hero Tokens", so good luck figuring out if what that means. I'm not spending any money to find out. NG...cheating the community 2-8 tokens at a time! Good times.

    ***Now it says Warrior tokens
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    Collected 15 radios over the last 3 days and made a call...

    One green warrior, one green scout and two Abraham tokens :neutral:

    I took the warrior tokens and have a second golden warrior now...
  • la_ll64la_ll64 Member Posts: 61
    I have Made 7 - 15Phone Calls The last days, i got 2 Maggie tokens and The other 6 Calls gave me Only rare survivors to chose from.
    My radiotower is The higest level and i dont think 7 crappy Calls is bad luck. This i shhiiittt
  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    @Teeceezy any comment on this BUG?
  • Caesar1974Caesar1974 Member Posts: 1
    For the last calls (each 15 radios) I got only two tokens of Glenn and 8 of Jesus. Unthinkable how many calls you will need for a five star hero
  • snafusnafu Member Posts: 227
    Epic warrior, rare assault and 8 Jesus tokens. I missed the 10 tokens after unlocking so I'm still 8 tokens short of uncommon Jesus :)
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • dulinquartersdulinquarters Member Posts: 481
    Thursday evening I used 5 phones & got 8 Glen tokens. Sorry no screen shot, Im still trying to figure out how everyone does that?!?
  • BigFellaSteveBigFellaSteve Member Posts: 117
    15 radios got me 2 Abraham tokens....just another 118 to go :/
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