Guild Member "Cycling"

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Hey survivors,

Let me start off by congratulating the top guilds. Great work everybody! We had very stiff competition this week and it was lots of fun. I'm not accusing anyone or trying to be a bad sport. Having said that, I would like to address the issue of member "cycling" as it relates to the current gold challenge. I've seen discussions about this topic but not many suggestion that I feel would appropriately address the issue. The majority of players agree that "cycling" is a dirty tactic and would like to see it eliminated, one way or another, as it compromises the integrity of the game. There are only 3 winners of this gold challenge. It would be easy for the developers to see which guilds "cycled" members and which ones didn't. In my opinion, any guild "cycling" members should be disqualified. I would love to hear thoughts on this from an admin/developer and most importantly the rest of TWDNML community.
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    Seems only fair,

    Fix it!
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    @TheSheriff, games fixes are needed but cycling is not really an issue as the top guilds are regularily called upon to provide proof that they didn't cycle players.
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    Here's a thought:

    What if the Admin/Devs allowed each guild to have a small av in-game to represent each guild? That way we can go to the leader boards and see which players are wearing which guild symbol and see for ourselves how much player cycling takes place? This should work well if we were able to look up players and/or guilds while still guilded and be a visual improvement over the generic profiles that are there now.

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  • @WastelandDan

    Thank You, I happened by serveral just the other day that I would love to have for mine too :)
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    Please lock the guild members at the start of the challenge! @Teeceezy @TK-421 @OldGoth
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    NG has changed so this can't happen! Closing this thread.

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