Another nerf job.

A previous thread was just deleted or moved because someone decided that it's best to bury comments rather than deal with them up front. In the "official" discussion thread about the damage being modified AGAIN it was claimed that the previous version was defective. Sorry not buying it. Last two updates have nerfed the hit points on my hunters. The first one dropped the rifles I had maxed that were lvl 15 and about 380 points down to 295. Three rifles none legendary, and all dropped to the same point level. That meant my survivor stopped being able to one shot walkers at their level. This update dropped my 2 level 16 hunters down to the same level of points they had at lvl 15. I jjust got through upgrading one of them 2 days before the update. Now the tine I invested to gather the exp to do the upgrade and the time to do it all wasted. Other guild members are noting walkers have certainly not been nerfed and survivors now getting hurt in same missions where they were not being damaged before.

And please stop calling for a freaking merge because someone calls out ng on their manipulation of the game. There is no reason that anyone should have to sift through multiple pages to discus an unannounced modification that penalyzes players who have been here a while.


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,927
    @FearlessFreep , are you talking about this post?.

    It was explained on this post it was a visual issue not a nerd.

    If not let me know, threads/ posts are not deleted.

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    Yeah most forums do ask the members not to post multiple threads so to me saying that people should post multiple threads on the same subject is the abnormal way of doing things.

    NG will let you blast them most of the time without deleting the thread so my guess is it wasn't deleted but merged.
  • FearlessFreepFearlessFreep Member Posts: 52
    Zbot the thread I was in the process of responding to has disappeared. When I hit the submit button the error code said there was no thread. When I backed up a page and looked, sure enough the thread was gone. One post that i saw in that thread was now merged into the massive update discussion thread. I did not memorize the rest of the posts to see if all of them were.
  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    Multiple threads on the same topic I understand but they are definitely a little over zealous on the merging here. Navigation of the main boards is a lot easier than navigation within a post. I would prefer multiple specialized threads to one master thread.
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    Actually @zbot, you might want to qualify that statement to "most threads aren't deleted". There was a thread a few days ago asking about a past Train Wreck exploit which no longer exists. Unless it was merged or edited, but it I can't find it when searching under train wreck.
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    There should be a notification when threads are moved , players should not have to hunt for them. That used to happen. Over moderation is becoming a very real and annoying issue on these boards.
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    Remember.. If the search button isn't working in your favor.. There's a neat little place in your profile page that shows all threads that you have commented in.. So if ever you can't find what you are looking for.. You can always find it there :wink:
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    Whats the search? Where do you find this nifty lil toy? I must try these things! :p

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