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Hello guys, first i would like to wish you a merry christmas and sonner a happy new year!
So, english is not my language so im goind to try to be clear as much as possible. My level is 32
1: about the training ground, mine is level 11 and will be 12. Do i have more opportunies having good survivors using my radio? In terms of level survivors... gasoline is 15, i dont want to finish episode 10, coz i spend 5 gazolines for a party, and im doing a lot stage about supply... Im afraid to go on episode 11, using 6 gasoline and playing supply stage and there is not much differences... You see level 10 i can play 3 party in a row.. Episode 11 i can play only 2 in a row. What do you suggest me please?
3. Whats the max gazolines we can have?
4:ive red somewhere before u had a special event for having better chance to get legendary survivors.. Do you suggest me tonwait for using my radio?
Thank you so much


  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    1) No. The Radio Tent determines the intial and max level of a survivor. The number of stars is random but the 15 radios gives the best odds for more stars.
    2) Once you get your survivors to lvl 12, the supply bonus is 4400 for 6 gas for level 11.
    3) I'm not sure about the max gas lvl. It used to be 19 but they just raised the council level so it might be 21.
    4) It is impossible to know if they will have another special event anytime soon... I would save the radios until you can't progress anymore.

  • WeishenWeishen Member Posts: 59
    Thanks again for tour answers. U know i have 120 radios right now. I want to use it but i think the best is to wait coz my team is good enough for episode 10 and get supplies. The problem is i have no epics or legendary... I want to wait an event but not that long. I dont know why i have no luck at all..
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    Better upgrade your radio tent before you spend your radios. Otherwise you will retire those you get now for better ones later on.
    Besides the fact that it would cost more XP to level them up than to get some with higher starting levels.
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  • WeishenWeishen Member Posts: 59
    But my radio tent is 6. It is not enough??
  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634

    I see @Helio has already answered your first questions.

    As for your lvl 6 radio tent, that should be fine, but keep in mind the better you have the better survivors you can pull(find) which will save you XP.

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