I feel I am being lied to



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    Im a hc player i max my exp runs so i end up peeking out at lvl 25 walkers(on some maps) now i max around lvl 23 walkers dmg was nerfed. We all see it
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    @OneLessTitan I'm not sure about the forest being that much harder. I just posted my highest star count (322) on it this week.
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    @Neil_J -- I'm not saying it's significantly harder, but I personally find the map where you have to walk to one end and back (the one on the far right of the challenge screen), and the map where you have to circle back around to the exit through the fence (top right map) to be more challenging than most normal maps.

    @Pic -- if you consider that proof, then I don't know how you interpret my last three explore missions (got a little dumb on the middle one...lol)

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    @Papacas -- Yes, I have read the thread. I was brought into this discussion by @DLich linking in my other thread. So my posts have been in reference to the Display Damage Formula on the Survivor Profile, but maybe that wasn't the post he was referring to when he linked to this thread. This aspect is what most people are referencing when complaining about the nerf, so I applaud you (and everyone else in this thread) for actually talking about combat results, and not just whining based on a display value that I think has no impact on combat, and is still incorrect, as shown above.

    Like I've said, I haven't tracked exact damage values in combat; I can only speak to my experiences with actually killing walkers before and after the 2.0 update, mainly with hunters as the variables haven't changed for me (same level, same weapons). My results have been the same; I've been killing the majority of Level 22 Normal Walkers with one shot (with the expected variance happening where it will sometimes take 2 shots, and every once in a while 3 shots). I still get the occasional body shot on level 18 walkers (with increasing frequencies every level above that).

    As for my critical shots, I still almost always take out level 24 walkers with the Hunter Charge (level 19 Legendary with a level 20 epic weapon with Destructive Trait), but less with my Level 19 Legendary with level 21 epic weapon with no Destructive Trait. Level 25 Walkers is where I stop killing almost all of them with the Critical Charge, but take their health down to basically nothing.

    I just haven't noticed any difference in my gameplay results. Despite the Forest being a harder challenge map IMO (especially the top right map, and the far right map), I still did the same # of Stars on each map this week after I accounted for my severe lack of Bonus Stars this week, and not maximizing my gas. And my explore missions yesterday and today have been the same as last week; I'm still getting 30-40k XP from micro-farming maps. I'm still getting forced to exit around level 26-28 walkers, depending on the map since some of them have tougher spawns, or any dumb mistakes I make during gameplay which happens from time to time.

    @OneLessTitan thanks for your feedback mate. And sorry fir any missinterpretation on my behalf. You post was great, as always, even if we do not have the same feeling about the end results. Cheers
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    Go with your gut on this one bro.
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    DarkFae said:


    Go with your gut on this one bro.

    Thanks! I will indeed. My wallet for this game is closing
  • @OneLessTitan I'm glad you think everyone is whining because they "think" they got nerfed.
    My lvl 18 (at the time) warrior didn't take down a lvl 13 walker. Same time as when we lost our wide arc and wide assault spray. So when a maxed survivor with maxed gear suddenly plays tag with a low lvl walker I know it's not just a "visual" thing.
    I played 10 maps yesterday at various times. Didn't have it receive any radio's. I bet my visual counter is still at zero
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    @bgelden -- Cool story bro. At least you are using an example from over a month ago, and that wide arc/spread thing was fixed quickly. I don't doubt you had that experience, and I'm only talking about my experiences before and after the 2.0 update. My Warrior took out a level 22 Armored Walker with one hit yesterday. Is that proof that there was no nerfing? No. And neither is your experience. Right after the combat change, my first comment to my guild was about how it took me 3 shots to take down a level 13 Armored walker, but then I one shotted a Level 19 Armor Walker in outpost last weekend. Neither is proof of anything (though I do think Tanks and Armors got tougher in certain scenarios a while back). If you understood what I said, you would know that I was talking about the people whining that they got nerfed solely based on a formula change that has nothing to do with the combat formula. It's all good, reading comprehension isn't always my strong suit either.

    Not getting 1 Radio in 30 crates is nothing to cry about. In my 1000's of tracked crates that I've opened, I get a radio in about 5% of them. So your 0 radios is less than the expected value of 1.5 radios. That's called variance and being slightly unlucky.

    But thanks for pointing out that you're a liar. You voted that you were quitting the game, so not sure why you're still posting in a forum for a game that you said you were quitting. Or why you are still playing missions in a game that you said you were quitting. Honestly, grow up. Papacas and Dlich (and numerous others) don't agree with what I'm saying, but we aren't trolling each other. And what's the big deal if we disagree? I don't care if anyone here (or anyone in my actual life) disagrees with me. I'm a big boy that's mentally mature enough to appreciate different points of view and other's life experiences. I appreciate people, regardless of agreement, who actually contribute to a discussion in an informed manner, and don't just make emotional statements.
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    Bottom line is people spent real $$ to upgrade things and now its like that $$$ has been pissed down the tubes due to the nerf

    That is completely unacceptable
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    I'm only going to comment on the displayed damage in the survivor profile and the math involved. It all adds up to me now that they've 'fixed' the display error, so same formula as @DLich shows above.

    Regarding what @gabriel_lwh pointed out about the description for the Marksman trait, I can see that one could (should?) assume that the Marksman trait should affect the weapon damage rating and not the survivor's base damage. However, Marksman clearly affects the survivor's base damage (same for Strong with melee types) so for me, it's maybe a matter of semantics or just lost a little bit in translation. When I read the description of Marksman trait "Ranged weapons do 10% more damage", I think they meant to say, "Survivors using ranged weapons do 10% more damage"
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    @DoTak -- I hear you on the semantics. But before 2.0, Marksman was applied to Weapon Damage, as I linked to earlier in the thread. Either way, I don't believe this is influencing the combat formula, but just another one of NGs mis-steps. And after all of this "display error" crap, the last thing they need is another one.
  • @OneLessTitan I am quitting, thanks for noting that. If you read any of my other posts then you'll see that the forum is actually one of my favorite places.
    Should I notify you the second I quit?

    And I'm glad that your word is like gold. If you say it's how it is in the game, well then it must be. Who am I to know what's what in a game I've played since day one in Droid.
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    Well guys I think the tone got too harsh. We are all talking about our own experiences, at least i was. And yes, i do feel the damage output was a bit nerfed and i cannot stand the idea that NG might be fooling me, or trying to. But i cannot speak for everybody else, i have no ambitions in that direction.
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