I assume you've noticed the forum is in meltdown mode. And who can blame them, really? I'm a paying customer. I feel like when I pay for certain things, if they're not up to my standards, then I have the RIGHT to ask questions about it. You're losing paying customers left and right, myself included. My question is, what are you doing to resolve this situation? I don't think I will get an answer, but even if I do, I think it will be vague and not very forth coming. I earnestly await your reply.
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    No one will get an answer until monday. Everyone probably has the weekend off
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    The 1.10 update token system is not equitable as compared to other means of game trade like XP and Tomatoes to upgrade players and camps.....

    It's clearly a huge money grab and a smack in the face of any loyal player and follower of TWD franchise. It puts a stain on every part of their brand and franchise not just this NG licensed game but every other part of AMC holdings associated with TWD which includes their show.........

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like we are being exploited and that anger will be reflected in how we all view their entire enterprise whether or not it's just these lousy NG game developers or not.....

    AMC and TWD followers are the people who play their game and they are risking too much with their continuous and obvious manipulation of this game for sheer greed.

    We know it's a game designed to make money, and most of us are happy to a point. That point is well passed and now has lost all of its value for me as well as many of my friends.

    I thought the 2.0 update would fix the inequities of their new trade system but they just made it worse by dangling heroes in front of all of us at even worse trade rates. It's no longer fun to play.

    I hope these developers are all looking for new jobs because they are destroying what used to be a fun game and like I said earlier putting an indelible stain on TWD entire franchise!

    I know many who are leaving an many more who will leave in the very near future.......
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    May I remind you that the majority of the staff members are on vacation until August. Also it's the weekend and currently only Shadowkeeper is active :)

    Probably making a video!

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    Will they return from vacation to find they have no customers and therefore no job?
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    If they're all on vacation how long has this update been ready? May have gone over better if instead of teaser announcements some/any effort was made to prepare us, lube makes it easier to take so I'm told. Also seems a bit pathetic when dealing with worldwide customer base to have everyone go on holidays. Southern hemisphere is in winter so we could care less. Another case of bad decision making. Maybe those new data pushers could account for this in their experiments, we can see how NG feels being a lab rat.
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    ... ... ...
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    Should contact AMC and let them know how NG has tarnished their brand, besides not watching videos, closing our wallets, changing our ratings in the app stores. Otherwise just only complaing here on this forum amongst ourselves is panomount to tilting at windmills!
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    The ability to increase the level of our survivors is a nice touch which I welcome.

    I'm not too sure about the benefit of the heros, as the minor benefits of the leadership traits look like they are possibly outweighed by carrying a charactor with such poor conventional traits. Also it will not always be appropriate to use a particular class on certain maps, regardless of the leadership traits.

    The problem I have is that the economics of levelling survivors is so wrong it feels like the powers that be are taking the p*ss, and I find it quite insulting that they assumed we would roll over and open our wallets to buy the thousands of phones that are required.

    What should have been a positive change in the game has been ruined by poor execution. Who did they do their market research on, the millionaire you tubers who have started coming out of the woodwork recently?
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    There are some high-ranking decisions to be made so I hope the right thing is done for this business and someone will balls will call upper management come Monday even if they are in Aruba.
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    @theRealBender do you mean someone with bitch nuts? , but yeah I wholeheartedly agree. The one NG staff I still have at least a little faith in is Teeceezy , he has shown enough care in the past to return my PMs and I know he gets a lot. If this weekend isn't concerning to him and he doesn't get in touch with us soon , I don't know what to say
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    Still waiting........
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