Has this game become too greedy to be of any fun anymore?

The 1.10 update token system is not equitable as compared to other means of game trade like XP and Tomatoes to upgrade players and camps.....

It's clearly a huge money grab and a smack in the face of any loyal player and follower of TWD franchise. It puts a stain on every part of their brand and franchise not just this NG licensed game but every other part of AMC holdings associated with TWD which includes their show.........

I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like we are being exploited and that anger will be reflected in how we all view their entire enterprise whether or not it's just these lousy NG game developers or not.....

AMC and TWD followers are the people who play their game and they are risking too much with their continuous and obvious manipulation of this game for sheer greed.

We know it's a game designed to make money, and most of us are happy to pay......to a point. That point is well passed and now has lost all of its value for me as well as many of my friends.

I thought the 2.0 update would fix the inequities of their new trade system but they just made it worse by dangling heroes in front of all of us at even worse trade rates. It's no longer fun to play.

I hope these developers are all looking for new jobs because they are destroying what used to be a fun game and like I said earlier putting an indelible stain on TWD entire franchise!

I know many who are leaving an many more who will leave in the very near future.......


  • ShadyShady Member Posts: 31
    It does feel like a massive way for NG to make money but if they didn't make money they would not make the game. For me I am not willing to spend real money on this or any other mobile game, but I know plenty of other people that do. So I'll just continue the grind and unlock and upgrade as luck blesses me (or not).
  • VudnikVudnik Member Posts: 307
  • VudnikVudnik Member Posts: 307
    Yes, that is, to the title question.
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